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E-mail from 'Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion Products' when meetings are created

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A SametimeWebQuerySave agent runs when a new meeting is created. This agent is responsible for creating the meeting notification e-mail that gets sent to the meeting creator. When an e-mail is sent, the "From" field can be overwritten with the ID of the signer of the agent.

This can cause problems in some environments if e-mail servers are configured in a way that does not allow e-mail to be sent from an ID with a non-standard format.

Additionally, if the e-mail to the meeting creator is not successfully delivered, it will bounce back to Sametime Development\Lotus Notes Companion Products. This account does not exist so the returned mail document is treated as dead mail by the

The following is the failure report:

Failure Reason:Error transferring to;  
Invalid Internet address specified.                                     Dead Failure Reason:User Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion     Products (Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion Products@Domain) not  
listed in Domino Directory


As a workaround, the design of the SametimeWebQuerySave agent in stconf.nsf can be changed to one of the following:

  1. The default behavior is to send the e-mail from the creator of the meeting. If you would like to mirror this, you must change the agent to "Run as web user." You must make sure that all users have the ability to Run restricted methods and operations on the server in the security settings of the Server document.

  2. You can also specify that the e-mail be sent from a particular e-mail account using the configuration settings of the Sametime server. For this to occur, you can change the agent so that it performs these actions as one particular user by changing the agent to "Run on behalf of:" the selected user. In this case, that user must have the ability to Run restricted methods and operations on the server.

* Note: Providing this level of access on the Server document is not considered a security risk. This is the same access that users would be granted to use the Out of Office agent.

If the Global Domain document is configured properly there should be no problem. This should be done on the Domino SMTP gateway that may send the e-mail to the Internet. Instructions for the creation of a Domino Global Domain document can be found in the Domino Administration Guide topic Setting up a server to receive mail for multiple Internet domains.

Having this in place will help ensure that the address found in the From field is formatted in an manner acceptable to any recipients of the message.

In future releases of Sametime the e-mail notification will be disabled by default. The Sametime Administrator can enable it if desired.

This issue is also covered in the Sametime Information Center topic, Troubleshoot meeting email notification.

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