Maximo SQL performance problems on Oracle

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Oracle bug 3566843 can cause the Cost Based Optimizer to pick an inefficient index when there are multiple indexes to choose from. Oracle versions through and through are affected.


This problem only affects Maximo on Oracle databases. It can impact any version of Maximo using any Oracle 9i version less than, or any Oracle 10g version less than

Due to Oracle bug 3566843, the Cost Based Optimizer may choose a less optimal index when there are multiple indexes on columns referenced in the where clause. This is more likely to affect SQL executed on tables with a large number of indexes, such as WORKORDER.


If you are running Maximo 4.1.1 patch 4 or higher, or any version of MAXIMO 5.x, you can patch/upgrade Oracle to version

If you are running Maximo 6 or 7, you can patch/upgrade Oracle to version or or 10.2.0.x.

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