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CS Linux v6.2.2.2 may be required for SLES10-SP1 (driver dependency)

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The v6.2.2.2 update for CS Linux may be required for a SLES10-SP1 system.


If you run the SLES10-SP1 kernel on s390x systems you will need to run CS Linux v6.2.2.2 or later.  CS Linux v6.2.2.0 and will not start on SLES10-SP1-s390x.

The SLES10-SP1 kernel had significant updates which required changes to the CS Linux on System z code and those changes are included in the v6.2.2.2 update to CS Linux.
When updating to the v6.2.2.2 level, you must follow the README instructions for updating the Linux Streams (LiS) code using the appropriate patch supplied.

CS Linux v6.2.2.2 is strongly recommended for SLES10-SP1 on other platforms (i686, ppc64, x86_64).  It may be required for 802.2 linkstations with some some device drivers.


Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Networking Communications Server for Linux All Linux SUSE - xSeries, Linux SUSE - pSeries 6.2.2

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More support for: Communications Server for Linux on zSeries

Software version: 6.2.2

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1261285

Modified date: 07 June 2007

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