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Silent install for WebSphere Application Server V6.1 fails at Profile Creation because of Port Validation Error

Technote (troubleshooting)


When silently installing WebSphere Application Server V6.1, the install results in an EXITCODE=2 INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS when the Profile Creator is invoked.

(wrn, Config action failed: 97SInstallInvokeWSProfile - 97SInstallInvokeWSProfile.ijc)

Other symptoms: profile and profile folders not created at silent install


You might see the following error in the installation log.txt file:


You might also see the preceding error paired with the following warning:

wrn, Config action failed: 97SInstallInvokeWSProfile - <install root> /properties/version/nif/config/install/97SInstallInvokeWSProfile.ijc

If you look in the install_root /logs/manageprofiles/ profile_name _create.log, you might find the following errors:

Validation Error for validatePorts: Some or all of the default ports are not available.
  <message>Argument Validation Failed.</message>

When the log shows "Config action failed: 97SInstallInvokeWSProfile," this is where all of your "options" designated in the responsefile.nd.txt file for your profile is passed to the WSProfile creator.

One of the "options" is a port validation. If a previous install or another application has reserved the ports and you have the following designated in the response file, then the WSProfile creator fails:

-OPT PROF_defaultPorts="true"
-OPT PROF_validatePorts="true"

Resolving the problem

Remember to fully uninstall after each failed install. For more details see Uninstalling manually in the Information Center.

You will need to run a netstat -na command and verify that the default ports are available. For the default port assignments, see Port number settings in WebSphere Application Server versions in the Information Center.

If the default ports are available and this error continues, then edit the response file by "commenting" out the following line in the response file (which is usually responsefile.nd.txt):

-OPT PROF_validatePorts="true"


#-OPT PROF_validatePorts="true"

This will turn off the port validation and allow the WSProfile creator to proceed past the previous argument validation failure.

If the ports are not available, then you might have to manually assign the ports (this might happen with other applications on the same machine and other instances of WebSphere Application Server).

See the responsefile.nd.txt sample file that comes with the product for complete port assignment options and other response file details.

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