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This technote describes information helpful to a new IBM DataPower Gateways client.

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Welcome to IBM DataPower Gateways Support!
Visit our IBM DataPower support page. You will find links to DataPower flashes and technotes along with a great deal of other support information related to the DataPower gateways.

You can keep informed about the latest support information with My Notifications, or click the My Notifications link from our DataPower support page. IBM DataPower is listed in My Notifications under Software, Business Integration. Be sure to click the Support feedback link to send your comments and help us improve on-line software support.

Review our IBM DataPower Gateways forum for information about using our product.

DataPower product documentation and firmware downloads along with technotes on upgrading are accessed via the information in our Knowledge Collection: Firmware upgrades for the IBM DataPower Gateways. Review our Critical updates for IBM DataPower Gateways to pro-actively prevent system outages.

A series of technotes arranged in chapter format is now available to provide you with information on setting up your IBM DataPower Gateways.

  1. Introduction to your IBM DataPower Gateways
  2. Planning for installation of your IBM DataPower Gateways
  3. Planning worksheet for Setting up your IBM DataPower Gateways
  4. Placing in the Rack, Initial configuration (with example) of your IBM DataPower Gateways
  5. More on the Initial Configuration (Startup command, Manual configuration, and upgrading firmware (first time upgrade)) for your IBM DataPower Gateways.
  6. Reviewing resources available from IBM to help you use your IBM DataPower Gateways.
  7. Operations Planning
  8. Working with IBM Support to solve a problem when using your IBM DataPower Gateways.

Review the support available for IBM DataPower Gateways under the support contracts. If you would like to contact our support team, see the " Contacting IBM DataPower Gateways Support" document.

    • If you have a 7x24 contract and a Severity 1- production down issue that requires immediate attention, use this document to determine your machine type Contacting IBM DataPower Gateways Support" follow the linked documents and when you contact IBM support via the telephone ask to be connected to the on-call Duty Programmer.
    • When contacting support you will need:
      • serial number of the appliance for IBM entitlement processing
      • firmware version of the appliance
      • IBM customer number
      • your telephone number as we might need to call you concerning this problem report
      • severity of the problem and business impact so that we may handle your issue appropriately based on the Severity Levels table found in the following technote: "IBM DataPower Gateways Extended Maintenance and Support Services"
      • A description of the problem, along with available problem documentation as described in our MustGather: Read first for IBM DataPower Gateways

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Software version: 6.0.2, 7.0.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.5.2

Operating system(s): Firmware

Software edition: Edition Independent

Reference #: 1260903

Modified date: 13 February 2017

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