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Forwarding mail to another address prevents busytime from recording Calendar data

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If a user's Lotus Notes/Domino® mail is set to be forwarded in the Domino Directory to another location, free time information for this user is not retained. Therefore, other users cannot access it. Also this user receives error messages when trying to schedule a meeting with others. Domino server errors such as the following:

    "SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT000010E6) in database mail\mail.nsf: User's mail is being forwarded to another location"
If the user's mail is being forwarded to another location, Calendar messages will not arrive at the forwarded mail file for that user. As a result, the Calendar cannot be kept current. For this reason, the design has always been to NOT harvest data for users who are forwarded.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# IFOR5CFTRQ, and deemed working as designed.

Since the user's mail is being forwarded, all workflow happens at the forwarded address, so there is no way to keep this Calendar and the Calendar in the forwarded mail file one in sync. The design is that the Calendar, which is monitored and tracked, is the one where the user's workflow occurs, regardless of other Calendars the user may have.

An enhancement request to change this functionality has been submitted for the 8.5x code stream:

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