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How to generate a complete XMLAccess export of a Portal configuration

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How to generate a full XMLAccess export of an IBM WebSphere® Portal configuration.


To assist in troubleshooting a WebSphere Portal issue, you may be asked by IBM Support to generate or collect a "full" or complete export of your Portal configuration using the XML Configuration Interface, commonly known as XMLAccess.

To generate a full export of your Portal's configuration, do the following:

1. Open a terminal or command window. Change directory (cd) to <WP_Profile_root>/PortalServer/bin

2. Run the following command all on one line:

xmlaccess -user Portal_admin_user -password Portal_admin_password -url http://<myhost>:<port>/wps/config -in <Portal_home>/doc/xml-samples/Export.xml -out result.xml

- Substitute Portal_admin_user, Portal_admin_password, myhost, and port with the correct values for your environment. It is recommended to use the "direct" URL and port so the request can bypass any webserver or load balancer that may be present.

- The file name specified after the "-out" parameter will contain the Portal configuration as XML. The output file can have any name.

- The protocol can be omitted after the -url in the value for the parameter except in the case of SSL.

If you receive an error that any one of the variables JAVA, WPS_HOME or WAS_HOME are not defined run the script <Appserver_home>/bin/setupCmdLine in the current window.

You may also invoke XMLAccess without any parameters on the command line to test it in your environment.

If the file Export.xml is missing from your installation, contact IBM Support or take a copy from another Portal host.

Note: Export.xml is used as the input file in these examples to generate an export for diagnostic purposes. However, when Portal artifacts are to be imported to or updated in a Portal configuration, or for use by ReleaseBuilder the export file should be generated using ExportRelease.xml as the input file rather than Export.xml. Export.xml can take a long time to export in enviornments with a large amount of customization data. In such cases, an ExportRelease.xml often can be used to troubleshoot most issues in WebSphere Portal and may be substituted at the input file when sending diagnostic data to IBM for review.

Virtual Portals

XMLAccess will export the "base" or "default" Portal for the specified host using the /config URI. If virtual portals are defined, each must be exported separately. The virtual portal URL mapping context must be specified in the URL.

For example, given a Portal 7.0 virtual portal "VP1" an example XMLAccess command to export the content of VP1 is:

xmlaccess -user Portal_admin_user -password Portal_admin_password -url -in Export.xml -out result_VP1.xml

If your Virtual Portal is defined using an optional hostname (available in Version 6.1 and later), specify the hostname and /config URI to export the Virtual Portal content:

xmlaccess -user Portal_admin_user -password Portal_admin_password -url -in Export.xml -out result_MyHost.xml

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