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How to make the IBM MQSeries service dependent on the RPC Service starting

Technote (troubleshooting)


You install WebSphere MQ onto Microsoft Windows and upon a reboot of the system, your Queue Manager's "Command server status" shows as 'Stopped' in the MQ Explorer. The "Connection status" is 'Disconnected'.


The Windows Event log reports that "RPC Server is unavailable" (WinNT system code 1722).


This can happen during Windows startup, if the RPC service (RpcSs) fails to start before the "IBM MQSeries" service.

Resolving the problem

The RPC service or "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service should be set to start automatically, but in some cases the server does not start before MQ. It is recommended that you make the "IBM MQSeries" service dependent on the RPC server. To do this you will need to add a Multi-String value to the "IBM MQSeries" service's registry key.

Add the following in the key:


Select (mark) the above key and then select Edit->New->Multi-String Value. For the value name enter "DependOnService" without the quotes. Then enter 'RpcSs' for its value; again without quotes.

This will ensure that the IBM MQSeries service will start only after the RPC service has started.

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