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Knowledge Collection: Informix Upgrade and Migration

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This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to upgrading and migrating to current Informix database products.

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Upgrading Informix database products to a new release might require migration of your environment components.


  • Check the the Conversion Guard feature before you upgrade. It can significantly reduce downtime in case of unexpected failure during upgrade.

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    • Why upgrade to IDS 11? (Documentation, PDF) - Get detailed information about new features added to Informix since version 7.31.
    • Upgrade your Informix server to Version 11.70 (Article) - Informix 11.70.xC1 has an abundance of new features, and this article aims to help you achieve a smooth upgrade to Informix 11.70.xC1 and efficiently use these new features.
    • IDS Upgrade Considerations (Technote) - This document covers the changes and conversions that happen when you install IDS Version 11 on a server that has an earlier IDS version already installed. This article talks about IDS 11.10, considerations still apply for IDS 11.50 and 11.70.
    • Preparing to Revert from IDS 11.50 (Information Center topic) - These topics describe the necessary preparation for reversion includes ascertaining that reversion is possible, backing up Version 11.50, and removing new features and objects that are not supported in your original database server.
    • Upgrade to IDS version 11.50 (Technote) - This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to upgrade to IDS version 11.50.
    • Why and How to migrate to IDS 11? (Documentation, PDF) - This presentation is an excellent reference.
    • Informix Software Lifecycle Policies (Web page) - This page describes the standard and enhanced IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies for IBM products. Search for your product to plan your upgrade strategy.
    • Informix Reserved Words (Information Center topic) - Each version of Informix supports new SQL keywords that might affect the upgrade of your applications, if an application declares the same string as the identifier of a database object. Check the Complete List or Introduced by Version of SQL keywords while planning for upgrade.
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    • Embedding Informix Dynamic Server: An Introduction (IBM Redbook) - This Redbook discusses embedding IDS into applications and software. The technological architecture is introduced, and several of the functions and features that support IDS as a robust and powerful embeddable DBMS are described. Many of these features are unique in the industry today, enabling clients to create a business advantage.
    • Informix Dynamic Server 11: Advanced Functionality for Modern Business (IBM Redbook) - This publication provides an overview of IDS 11. IDS is designed to help businesses leverage their existing information assets as they move into an on demand business environment. Requirements here call for a flexible data server that can accommodate growth, in applications, data volume, and numbers of users. And it offers the capability to minimize downtime and to provide the high availability required today.
    • Customizing the IDS for Your Environment (IBM Redbook) - This book provides an overview of some of the capabilities of IDS v11.50 that enable it to be easily customized for your particular environment. The focus of this book is on the areas of ease of administration and application development. The book describes and demonstrates these capabilities with examples and provides a model to help you customize IDS.
    • Migrating IDS database systems (Information Center topic) - These topics describe the procedures for upgrading to IDS 11.50 and how to revert to the database server that you upgraded from. They also describe how to move data manually between databases, servers, and computers. This is your primary resource when performing an upgrade.
    • IBM Informix Migration Guide (Manual, PDF) - This PDF contains the same topics found in the Migrating IDS database systems section of the IDS v11.50 Information Center.
    • The Software Support Handbook (Web page) - This handbook provides guidelines and reference materials that you might need when you interact with IBM service and support.
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    • Migration Station (Technote) - If you are migrating to Informix IDS Version 11.50 from a non-Informix relational database manager system, visit the migration station.
    • IBM Migration Toolkit (Web page) - The IBM Migration Toolkit helps you migrate a wide variety of source databases to IDS on a variety of platforms including Windows, AIX, Linux, and Solaris. The migration toolkit is part of the comprehensive offering.
    • Migrating from Oracle to IDS (IBM Redbook) - This Redbook discusses how to migrate from Oracle® to Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). The focus is primarily on data, applications, and administration. The book contains a lot of information about the differences in features and functionality in areas such as data types, DML, DDL, and Stored Procedures. A migration methodology is provided, along with the processes for installing and using the IBM Migration Toolkit (MTK). There are examples which show you how to convert stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
    • Migration from SQL Server to IDS (IBM Redbook) - This Redbook discusses considerations, and describe a methodology, for transitioning from Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 to the Informix® Dynamic Server. It focus on the topic areas of data, applications, and administration, providing information about the differences in features and functionality, including the data types, data manipulation language, data definition language, and stored procedures. Understanding the features and functionality of the two products assists you in developing a migration plan.
    • Oracle to IBM Informix Dynamic Server porting guide (Article)- This article describes the differences between Oracle and IDS functionality and syntax. In addition to DDL, DML and overall SQL syntax, you'll explore the differences between Oracle and Informix with regards to the use of large objects, user defined types, user defined routines, and table partitioning. It also explains what needs to be changed to make an application running on an Oracle database run on an Informix database, and gives alternatives.
    • Are you migrating from Informix SE to IDS? (Documentation, PDF) - This presentation is an excellent reference.
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    Support & Community
    • Technical Support Chat (Web page) - If you are an Informix client in North America try the 'Technical Support Chat' for your next Service Request.
    • Informix Developer and User Forum (Web page) - This forum provides a place for Informix Dynamic Server developers and users to share their questions, thoughts, and ideas with others.
    • Subscribe the My Notifications to get regular update on IBM product and support (Web page).
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