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Collecting Data: Troubleshooting Web Service issues in WebSphere Portlet Factory

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This technote lists the files needed to troubleshoot Web Service issues in IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory. Gathering this information before calling IBM Support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.


1. Enable Web Service logging

1. Edit the Web Service Call Builder.
2. In the Advanced section, scroll down and set Logging to "all".
3. Save the Builder call.
4. Save the model.

NOTE: Logging output will be written to the WEB-INF/logging/DebugTracing.log.

2. Edit the

1. Edit the file under projectRoot\WEB-INF\config.
2. Change the word, INFO, to DEBUG for serviceCalls so that the line looks like this:
3. Run the model again and run the action that executes the service call. This will write information to the serviceCalls.txt and debugTracing.txt files which can be found under the deployed application's WEB-INF\logs directory.

3. Pass a SOAP request to the Web Service Call Builder

Use a Variable Builder to pass through a SOAP request to the Web Service Call Builder. This will validate that the service works and will also show the correct SOAP envelope in the logs. Comparing this to the failed SOAP request will make it easier to find the problem.

4. Create a sample model that demonstrates the problem

Start with the original model and remove all unnecessary Builders until only the ones needed to demonstrate the problem remain.

If you are generating the WSDL from a Service Definition Builder, it is often helpful to create a stub model and send the stub model with the consumer. This will allow a review of the functionality without the need for access to your back-end systems.

5. Obtain a copy of the WSDL

Open the model's URL and append Action!getWSDL to the end of it as in: http://localhost:10038/myProject/webengine/WebServiceModel/Action!getWSDL

This will display the WSDL in the browser at which point you can save it as an XML file (File -> Save).

6. Check the Service Inputs

1. Open the service model.
2. Create a new variable.
3. Give it a name.
4. Select a type from the appropriate schema.
5. Click Generate Sample Data. The value will populate with dummy data.
6. Use this variable as the input to the service call.
7. Repeat this process for each input.
8. Run the model again.

If the service succeeds in running, this could indicate that one of your original inputs was an incorrect type.

7. Send the collected files to IBM Support
Collect the serviceCalls.txt, the sample models and the WSDL and send these files to IBM Support. Refer to " Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support for problem determination" for detailed instructions.

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