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Default ports used by Rational ClearQuest

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What are the default ports used by IBM Rational ClearQuest and the ClearQuest Web Servers?


You want to customize port usage or define firewall rules.


These sections summarize the most commonly used ports in Rational ClearQuest and its various components. For additional information on ports used by the ClearQuest Web server see the ClearQuest Web Performance Tuning Guide.

For more information on Rational ClearQuest refer to the Rational ClearQuest Information Center.


The default Rational FlexLM Licensing port is 27000.
The default rational DAEMON port is 27001.

ClearQuest Web server and Rational Web Platform - Versions 2003.06.16 and 7.0.x

The ClearQuest Web application services use the ports defined in the ClearQuest Web application file, as specified in these parameters:


ClearQuest Web application file locations:

    C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\cqweb\cqserver\config\


The ClearQuest Web Server runs on the IBM Rational Web Platform (RWP), which uses port 80 by default. The default port for SSL is 443.

The Request Manager component of the Rational ClearQuest server uses ports specified in the RWP file as specified in these parameters:


RWP file locations:

Version 2003.06.16

    For ClearQuest 2003.06.13 to 2003.06.16, the file for the Request Manager is located:

    C:\Program Files\Rational\Common\rwp\webapps\cqweb\WEB-INF\classes\


Version 7.0.x

    For ClearQuest 7.0 and later, the file for the Request Manager is located:

    C:\Program Files\Rational\Common\rwp\EmbeddedExpress\profiles


ClearQuest Web Server and Change Management Server - Version 7.1.x
IBM HTTP Server/Apache: 80
WebSphere Application Server (SOAP Connector): 12880
WebSphere Application Server (Bootstrap): 12809
WebSphere Application Server (HTTP Transport): 12080
WebSphere Application Server (Administrative Console): 12060
WebSphere Application Server (Administrative Console secure): 12043
WebSphere Application Server (HTTPS transport): 12443

ClearQuest E-Mail:

SMTP: port 25
POP: port 110
MAPI: none
Note: The E- Mail Reader in Rational ClearQuest 7.0 version does not support the MAPI protocol.

Vendor Databases

Databases have their own port usage apart from Rational ClearQuest. Contact the specific vendor for details.

  • The default Microsoft® SQL Server port is 1433, unless it is changed to a non-default port. You can specify that in the connection options for Rational ClearQuest (e.g. via ClearQuest Maintenance Tool).
  • IBM DB2 uses default port 50000.
  • Oracle uses default port 1521.
  • SQL Anywhere 5.5 uses default port 1498 and SQL Anywhere 8.0 uses default port 2638. (SQL Anywhere is no longer supported after Rational ClearQuest version 2003.06.15).

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