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Error 1202 when creating a view with a mapped drive

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This technote explains why attempts to create an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® dynamic view on Microsoft® Windows® with a mapped network drive results in the error, Network Error - 1202, and provides instructions to work around the issue.


C:\>net helpmsg 1202

The local device name has a remembered connection to another network resource.


This error indicates that Windows has a remembered a connection to the drive letter used in the view creation operation. The drive letter may no longer be in use, however, Windows remembers it and will not allow other applications to use it.

This is not a ClearCase problem.

Resolving the problem

A known solution would be to restart the client to flush the remembered connection from memory. The view creation would succeed in mapping a view to the desired drive.


From a command prompt (Start > Run type cmd), run the following command:

net use <available drive> \\views\<view tag>


net use z: \\views\test_view

You could also remove the 'net use' drive with following command:
net use /delete z:
Then the drive letter will be available again from ClearCase Explorer

For more information About starting and accessing dynamic views on Windows refer to technote 1122505.

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