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Message "ctcmpc device driver is not installed" issued during CS Linux installation

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During the ./installibmcs process for Communications Server for Linux (CS Linux) on System z, the message "ctcmpc device driver is not installed" is issued. However, MultiPath Channel (MPC) is not in use. Is corrective action needed?


The message received during 'installibmcs' or 'sna start' is normal for a system that is not using MPC or does not yet have the ctcmpc driver installed. It does not affect the use of the rest of CS Linux. If you do not plan to use MPC, ignore the message. If you plan to use MPC, see the following README document to resolve this problem: CTCMPC README - MPC over CTC (System z only). For additional information on the ctcmpc device driver, see the following documents:
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More support for: Communications Server for Linux on zSeries

Software version: 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3,,, 6.4,,,,,

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1256663

Modified date: 21 February 2013

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