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pdb file usage by Data Protection for Domino

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How is the .pdb file used by the Data Protection for Domino to track the Domino databases that are in a "pending activation" state.


Data Protection for Domino uses the ‘<domino instance name>.pdb’ file to track the Domino databases that are in a "pending activation" state.


The command 'domdsmc query pendingdbs' reads the list of databases from the .pdb file, checks to make sure each Domino database file with a .dad extension exists, and then displays the list of databases (if any) to be activated.

When a database is restored using the "activate=no" option, Data Protection for Domino restores the database and places a '.dad' extension on the restored file (i.e. Following the restore, the database name (along with some Tivoli Storage Manager information data) is appended to the list within the .pdb file. Upon activation of the pending database, Data Protection for Domino removes the entry from the .pdb for this database name.

It is important to note that the .pdb file should not be manually edited.

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