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Scheduled activities stop running in IBM Enterprise Integrator after a server shutdown

Technote (troubleshooting)


After a shutdown and restart of your server running IBM Enterprise Integrator (IEI) for Domino, you find that scheduled activities no longer run. Newly created activities do not run either. No entries appear in the log for the activities that do not run.

Resolving the problem

This may be caused by corruption of the IEI Administrator database. Replacing the IEI Administrator database is the only way to remove the corruption.

To correct the problem:
First, run a simple action from the IEI Administrator's Actions menu. Sometimes this alone will resolve the problem. Follow the steps below:

    Activity Commands -> Clear Lock -> Refresh All Documents

If the problem continues, replace the IEI Administrator database with a known good copy, or re-install IEI to create a new one.

NOTE: You cannot create a new IEI Administrator database by making a new database from the template. It must be initialized with server-specific data by the IEI installation program.

Back up the existing IEI log and IEI Administrator database before re-installing IEI. After the install completes, back up the blank IEI Administrator database to serve as a backup copy for future emergencies.

After completing the install, test whether scheduled activities run correctly. If they do, copy Connection and Activity documents from the old IEI Administrator to the new one.

If you are restoring from a backup copy, proceed the same way: first testing with a new scheduled activity, then copying in existing documents.

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