Meeting cancelled in Notes is not removed from Outlook calendar

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A Lotus Domino® Access for Microsoft® Outlook (DAMO) user has an assistant manage his calendar in Lotus Notes®. The assistant cancels a meeting using the Owner Actions button in Notes and chooses the default option to "Remove the meeting from the calendar view but leave it in the meetings view".

The meeting is removed from the Notes calendar but is not removed from the Outlook calendar.


The meeting is cancelled and removed from the Notes calendar but not from the actual mail file. A flag is set that removes it from the calendar view in Notes. Outlook does not look for this flag and therefore does not recognize that this is not longer a valid calendar document.


Instead of choosing the default option when cancelling the meeting, choose the option to "Permanently delete the meeting and all notices and documents related to the meeting". This will remove it from Notes and Outlook.

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