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How Rational Application Developer v7.0 uses the WebSphere Web services emitters

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote describes which WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) Web service JAX-RPC emitters are used by the Rational® Application Developer (RAD) version 7.x/8.x Web services tooling.
It also touches on the follow-on JAX-WS emitters.

Resolving the problem

To better appreciate this issue, see a related RAD v6.0 technote, 1237958: How to replace webservices.jar (== java2wsdl, wsdl2java, wsdeploy, endptenabler) in the WAS version 6.x web services deploy plug-in. The emitters were part of the Rational® Application Developer (RAD) v6.0 Web services tooling plug-ins.

The WebSphere Application Server (WAS) JAX-RPC web service emitters used by the RAD v7.0 web services tooling are:

  • For J2EE 1.3 Web Services and Clients, RAD still retains the WAS v5.1.1 emitter as a plug-in:

    As long as you are trying to create a J2EE 1.3 Web service or client, this emittter is used in the wizards, regardless of which server you target.

  • For J2EE 1.4+ Web Services and Clients, users can only create and run these against the WAS v6.0 and v6.1 servers. For these cases, the project's server target is used to determine which emitter to execute:

    Project server target "webservices.jar" or equivalent
    WAS v6.0 stub <RAD V7 Install>/runtimes/base_v6_stub/lib/
    WAS v6.0 local test environment <RAD V7 Install>/runtimes/base_v6/lib/
    WAS v6.1 stub <RAD V7/V7.5 Install>/runtimes/base_v61_stub/
    WAS v6.1 local test environment <RAD V7/V7.5 Install>/runtimes/base_v61/
    WAS v7.0 stub <RAD V7.5/V8.x Install>/runtimes/base_v7_stub/
    WAS v7.0 local test environment <RAD V7.5/V8.x Install>

    Note: <WAS Install>, for example in the case of the installed WebSphere Test Environment for WAS v6.x for RAD v7.0, corresponds to <RAD V7 Install>/runtimes/base_v6[x].
    To obtain the latest supported emitters, update the WebSphere Test Environment / WebSphere Application Server version 6.x with the latest server update from the WAS Support Portal page, just as you would update for a stand-alone server. As of RAD v7.5+, supported WAS server version updates are available through the IBM Installation Manager > Update function.

    Developers who target the stub typically work in a server-less environment, possibly because they do not have the resources to install and run a full WebSphere Test Environment. "stub" runtimes may not be updated to the most recent WAS server updates.There could be instances where the stub jar needs to be updated but, unlike with RAD version 6.0, users might have the option of updating just the WebSphere Test Environment as a temporary measure. Also, an update of the stub does not incur a plug-in update with all of the accompanying footprint and versioning issues.

    See also technote 1257668, Web service emitters used by Rational Application Developer 7.x with a remote WebSphere Application Server 6.x.

    Note - WAS v8.x:
    The information in the above table can also be extrapolated for any applicable WAS v8.0/v8.5 base_v8{n}_stub folder, that is supported supported in RAD v8.0.x or v8.5.x
    In the case of RAD v 8.x, the WAS v8.x servers are installed separately and have corresponding JAX-RPC web services jars:
    <WAS v8x Install>/runtimes/

    Note - JAX-WS emitters:
    In the case of JAX-WS for RAD v7.x/8.x and the relevant supported servers: WAS 6.1 Web Services Feature Pack or WAS v7.x/8.x servers, as applicable to each RAD version, the emitters (wsgen and wsimport ) are in:
    <WAS v8x Install>/runtimes/

    There are also similar jar(s) in:
    <RAD V7.5/V8.x Install>/runtimes/base_v{n}_stub/runtimes/
    , as applicable the server version.

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