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getColumnValues() returns incorrect data for viewEntry object when using 'Show multiple values as separate entries'

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When using the NCSO.jar file to gain access to data in a Lotus Notes/Domino database document, the following scenario returns the wrong document/view field data:

    A view in a database is defined to show fields from documents within the database. One of the fields is a text list that accepts and is able to "separate" multiple values. If a program opens the view, gathers all entries into a view entry collection (using View.getAllEntries()) and loops through each entry, the column values are extracted into a vector (using ViewEntry.getColumnValues()).

    If there is a single entry in the multi-entry field, the data type returned for that particular column value is a string. If there are multiple entries in the field, the data type returned is a vector. You can successfully cycle through each vector entry to get each value from the multi-value field.

    The problem occurs when you have the column properties for the multi-value field set to "Show multiple values as separate entries." For example, a multi-value field has three entries (abc, def, ghi). Three view entries (rows) are created. As you cycle through each view entry, the data type for the multi-value field is a vector with size 1. The entry in the vector is "abc" for all three of the view entry rows. It should contain the value corresponding to the multi-entry number (for example, the first view entry row should return a vector or string, size 1, with value "abc"; the second view entry row should return "def", and the third view entry row should return "ghi").


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR #RSHI4E628Y. Currently, there is no known workaround.

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Modified date: 26 October 2009

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