EJPXA0057E error occurs on XMLAccess import

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After exporting your application from your source IBM WebSphere Portal server using XMLAccess, you attempt to import the resulting XML into your target system. However, it fails with the following result:

<!-- 123/300 [servlet _V_082M6D0B680K1OAU_IR] -->
<request xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
build="wp5103_025" type="update" version=""
<status element="[servlet _V_082M6D0B680K1OAU_IR]" result="failed">
id="EJPXA0057E">com.ibm.wps.command.xml.XmlCommandException: EJPXA0057E:
Action create is not allowed for servlet resources. [servlet

Resolving the problem

Using the export of the source system, you can identify the name of the web module associated with the servlet identified in the exception as well as the servlet name itself.
Given this information, there are two items that must be confirmed:

1. Is the web module present in the correct directory on the target system?

    For WebSphere® Portal V5.1: <WP_root>/installableApps
    For V6.0: <WP_root>/deployed/archive

    The correct directory can be obtained by looking up the .war file name in the full export of the source system.
2. Is the web module deployed on the source system identical to the web module on the target system? Confirm that the web module on the target system contains the servlet mentioned above. If it does not, then update the module on the target system with the correct version and then import the XML again using XMLAccess.

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