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What versions of Lotus Notes client, Lotus Domino Administrator and Lotus® Domino Designer® support the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system (OS)? Are there any known issues?


Which versions of Notes, Domino Administrator and Domino Designer are supported on Windows Vista?

  • The Notes 8.0 feature release (released in August 2007) was fully tested and is supported with Windows Vista.
  • The Notes 7.0.3 maintenance release (released in October 2007) was fully tested and is supported with Windows Vista.
  • Notes 7.0.2, the in-market Notes release (shipped in September 2006) when Vista was released on January 20, 2007, is supported on Windows Vista. Releases prior to Notes 7.0.2 are not supported on Windows Vista.
  • Due to the broad changes in the Windows Vista release, and no more 6.5.x Maintenance Releases, Notes 6.5x is not supported on Windows Vista.
  • Known issues with Vista and supported Notes releases are documented below.

Which editions of Windows Vista are supported by Notes?
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Note: The 64-bit Editions of Windows Vista are not supported.

Will Lotus Domino server be supported on Windows Vista?
  • No, Windows Vista is a client operating system; therefore, Domino will not be officially supported on Windows Vista. Support for the Windows 2008 server operating system is planned for an upcoming release of Domino.

Are there any known issues?
  • Aero support and Java. The Windows Vista Aero setting is not supported in Notes 7.0.4 or earlier (SPR# DPOL82HJA3).

In Notes 7.0.2 on Windows Vista customers may experience the following problem. This issue was fixed in 7.0.3 and 8.0:
  • SPR # TPEL6UNLQZ: NSD will not run properly if Notes is not running with Administrator privileges. This is also an issue with Windows XP, but the default configuration for Vista is to run programs with restricted privileges.

Note: This document will be updated regularly to summarize any issues found during testing.

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