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Technote (troubleshooting)


MustGather information required by the WebSphere Partner Gateway (WPG) Support team to diagnose problems on a WPG Express system.

Gathering this information early before calling IBM support, to expedite the troubleshooting process and to save time in resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs), if:
1. Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery)
2. There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved
3. There is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity
4. Locating root cause can speed development of a code fix

Resolving the problem

This section instructs the items of documentation required by the IBM support team to diagnose WPG Express system problem. It contains the following sections:

  • Gathering environment information
  • Gathering problem information and logs
  • Submitting documentation to the WPG Support Team
  • General hints and tips

A. Gathering environment information
  • The operating system and version; the operating system patches or maintenance level:
    Operating system Report the current level
    Windows Go to Start>Program>Settings>Control Panel>System. Find the "System" information in the General tab.
    Linux uname -arv
  • Check the software version and fixpack level in the WPG system: (mandatory for all cases)
    Software Report the current level
    WPG <WPG Express install root>/config/
    WAS 1. In command-prompt window,
    2. go to <WPG Express install root>/was/bin,
    3. run "./"(for Linux) or "versioninfo.bat"(for Windows)
    JDK 1. In command-prompt window,
    2. go to<WPG Express install root>/was/java/bin
    3. Run "./java -version"(for Linux) or "java -version" (for Windows)
  • Browser type/version:
    Browser Report the current level
    MSIE Click on the Help menu, then select "About Internet Explorer"
    Mozilla Click on the Help menu, then select "About Mozilla Firefox"

B. Gathering problem information and logs
  • Please describe a clear, specific problem description, including specific usage information and error scenario on how to recreate the problem you encounter. i.e.:
    1. Is the Problem with: Sending/Receiving documents? Sending/Receiving MDNs?
    2. What "Content Type" is being used? e.g. EDI-X12, EDIFACT, EDI-Consent, Binary, XML?
    3. If problem is related to security, what security type is involved? SSL? Encryption? Signing?
  • WPG Express debugging logs enablement and collection:
    1. Make sure to collect "debug" logs by using "log4j.rootCategory=debug" (default is "error") setting in the config/ file.
    2. Servers will need to be restarted for the above new setting to take effect.
    3. Re-run the problematic scenario.
    4. Look in the <WPG Express install root>/logs/bcg.log for any error messages or Java Exceptions.
  • Data collection:
  • Logs. Please zip up the following folders:
    <WPG Express install root>/logs
    <WPG Express install root>/was/profiles/bcgexpress/logs/bcgexpress
  • Screenshots:
    1. Configuration settings involved in the problematic flow.
      1-1) The AS2 (or HTTP) configuration
      1-2) The Participant configuration
      1-3) The "My Profile" information
    2. Errors display on the WPG Express console.
    3. If the problem is with "Security", please describe which security level has been activated. Also please provide screenshots of the configuration settings:
      3-1) Certificates and definitions for Encryption
      3-2) Certificates and definitions for Digital Signature
      3-3) Certificates and definitions for Server Authentication
      3-4) Certificates and definitions for Client Authentication

Submitting documentation to the IBM Support Team
Put all the relevant information in a compressed file (such as, zip or tar), and send it to IBM Support. If you have opened a PMR using IBM Service Request (SR) tool, you may directly submit the MustGather data to the PMR using the ECuRep service described at the following link: Submitting Diagnostic Information to IBM Support.
Note: Please Do Not submit files until you have opened a PMR using SR or directly calling the support center.

General hints and tips
Search for known problems from the WPG Express product support site
Besides technotes, the product website offers a variety of additional information, such as: fixpacks information, "flashes", "webcasts", "forums and newsgroups", and so forth.
Refer to the WPG Express Information Center
Offers product online manuals.
Utilize the IBM Support Assistant
This product plug-in extends IBM Support Assistant's search, support links, education, and service components with features for WebSphere Partner Gateway Express.

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WPG Express
WebSphere Partner Gateway Express

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Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

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Modified date: 24 May 2013

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