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DB2 DWE 9.1.1 system requirements for Clients

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This document lists the hardware, software, disk space, and memory that is required to install the clients for DB2 Data Warehouse Edition 9.1.1.


You can install the client components if you purchased the Enterprise Edition, Developer Edition, or Base Edition.

Hardware and software:

Operating system
Minimum prerequisites
Number of bits
Windows® 2000 Professional Edition Service Pack 4 32 A Pentium® or Pentium-compatible (x86) CPU is required.
Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 2 32 A Pentium or Pentium-compatible (x86) CPU is required.

If you intend to run the DWE Intelligent Miner™ Visualizers in the DWE Administration Console for model visualization, you need the Java™ Plug-in for browsers installed on your client system. You can download it from this site:

Disk Space:

Temporary space for installable images of the DWE components
    Before installing DWE, you must copy the installation image for each component to the target computer. These images are the installation executable files for that component, either downloaded from IBM ® or copied from a CD. This space is different from the space needed to run the installation program.

    Approximately 1.5 GB of temporary disk space is recommended to store the installation images. If you install the documentation, you need another 1.5 GB.

Temporary space for running the installation program
    Approximately 500 MB of disk space is recommended to run the installation program.

Permanent space for the installed components
    Approximately 1.5 GB of disk space is recommended for the installed product.


Memory for installing the product
    Approximately 1 GB of memory is recommended to install the client applications.

Memory for running the product
    Approximately 512 MB of memory is recommended to run the client applications.

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Software version: 9.1.1

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Modified date: 23 February 2007