DB2 DWE 9.1.1 system requirements for the Application Server

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This document lists the hardware, software, disk space, and memory that is required to install the application server component for DB2 Data Warehouse Edition 9.1.1.


You can install application server components only if you purchased the DWE Enterprise Edition or Developer Edition.

Hardware and software:

Operating system
Minimum prerequisites
Number of bits
AIX® Version 5.2
    • Maintenance Level 8
    • 64-bit kernel is recommended
    • For 32-bit WebSphere: Maintenance package 5200-02 or 5200-03 is recommended
    • For 64-bit WebSphere: Maintenance package 5200-06 is recommended
32, 64 IBM® eServer™ servers with POWER™ technology
AIX Version 5.3
    • Maintenance Level 4
    • 64-bit kernel is recommended
    • APAR IY58143 is required
    • For 32-bit WebSphere: Maintenance package 5300-01 is recommended
    • For 64-bit WebSphere: Maintenance package 5300-02 is recommended
32, 64 IBM eServer servers with POWER technology
Red Hat Enterprise Linux® V4
    • glibc 2.3.4
    • Update 2
32, 64 Select one of the following:
    • For 32-bit: A Pentium® or Pentium-compatible CPU
    • For 64-bit: x86-64 (AMD64, EM64T)
SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) or SLES 10
    For SLES 9:
    • glibc 2.3.3
    • Service Pack 3
32, 64 Select one of the following:
    • For 32-bit: A Pentium or Pentium-compatible CPU
    • For 64-bit: x86-64 (AMD64, EM64T)
Solaris 9 or
Solaris 10
For Solaris 9, the following patches are also required:
    • 111711-12
    • 111712-12
64 Systems based on UltraSPARC processor
Windows® Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Editions. Service Pack 1, and R2 32 A Pentium or Pentium-compatible (x86) CPU is required.

For detailed information about supported hardware and software for WebSphere ® Application Server, see:

Solaris users: WebSphere Application Server 6.0.2 is only available in a 32-bit version. On the 64-bit version of Solaris, the DWE configuration tool sets up the 32-bit WebSphere server. For details of this setup, see "Release notes for WebSphere Application Server version 6.0.2 for Sun Solaris on the x86 64-bit architecture" at this address:

Web browsers supported by DWE Administration Console: Internet Explorer 6.0, with SP™ 1 and later on Windows, and Firefox 1.5.

Web browsers supported by WebSphere: Internet Explorer 6.0, with SP 1 (on Windows), and Mozilla 1.4 and 1.7. These are the only browsers supported on the application server; however, there is no restriction nor certification of Web browsers on clients that connect to the application server to display content.

Disk Space:

Temporary space for installable images of the DWE components

    Before installing DWE, you must copy the installation image for each component to the target computer. These images are the installation executable files for that component, either downloaded from IBM or copied from a CD. This space is different from the space needed to run the installation program.

    Approximately 2.7 GB of disk space is recommended for the installation images of the application server components.

    On AIX, you must have enough disk space for all the installable images for the entire DWE product, even if you are not installing all the components. This is approximately 7.5 GB.

Temporary space for running the installation program
    Approximately 550 MB of disk space is recommended.

Permanent space for the installed components
    Approximately 2 GB of disk space is recommended for WebSphere, the DWE Administration Console, and the DB2 ® Alphablox administration tool. If you are installing WebSphere into a 64-bit instance, you will need an additional 500 MB.


Memory for installing the product
    Approximately 1 GB of memory is recommended to install the application server.

Memory for running the product
    Approximately 1 GB of memory is the minimum amount of memory required to run the application server alone. If you run the data warehouse server components on the same computer, 2 GB of memory is recommended.

If you add more DWE components to the same computer, you must have more memory to run them in addition to the memory reserved for the application server.


DB2 Enterprise V9 is the only version of DB2 that DB2 DWE V9.1.1 installs, but DB2 DWE V9.1.1 also works with the following levels of DB2:

  • DB2 V9, up to Fix Pack 2
  • DB2 V8.2 Fix Packs 3 and 7 (V8.1 Fix Packs 10 and 14) only.

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