Can a clear text password be used in the wmm.xml file?

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You would like to specify a different password in the IBM WebSphere® Member Manager (WMM) configuration but prefer not to run the wmm_encrypt.bat/.sh utility. Is it possible to use a clear text password in the wmm.xml file?


Yes. A clear text password works if you type the value for "adminPassword" in the wmm.xml file.
However, this is not recommended because anyone that accesses the file system could retrieve the password of the user with BIND authority to the LDAP server. It is recommended that the password be encrypted using the wmm_encrypt.bat/.sh utility as soon as possible.

You may find the following warning/error messages in the log file if the password is left unencrypted. This is expected behavior.

[datetime] 0000000a WMM Trace Log 1 MemberManager getMemberManagerConfiguration(String name) Read WMM configuration informaiton from wmm.xml...

[datetime] 0000000a SystemErr  R
%3DES-F-DCRYPT; Exception caught while decrypting

[datetime] 0000000a SystemErr  R
;javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length (with padding) not multiple of 8 bytes

[datetime] 0000000a WMM Trace Log 2 initializeRepository(MemberRepository repository, Element repNode) The adminPassword is unencrypted

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