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IIS not set up correctly after installing IBM Global Name Recognition Encyclopedia

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Issue with IIS setup after installation of IBM Global Name Recognition Encyclopedia (GNRE)


During the installation of the GNRE you were asked to specify a Virtual Directory Name. Setup will create and populate the Virtual Directory, install MSXML if necessary, and start content indexing with a new catalog for the GNRE static pages.

In unusual cases, setup might not complete all these automatic processes (we have only seen this happen on an XP laptop, which is not an officially supported platform). Here is the manual procedure in case the setup automatic process fails:

  1. Bring up the Computer Management console for Windows (right-click 'My Computer' and select Manage).
  2. Under Services and Applications,there should be an entry for IIS. If no entry for IIS exists, then IIS is not installed and you must first install IIS.
  3. Under IIS, select Web Sites and then Default Web Sites. If you do not see an entry for your Virtual Directory under 'Default Web Sites', proceed to the next step.
  4. The Virtual Directory name for this example is GNRE.
  5. Right-click the Default Web Sites and select New Virtual Directory
  6. Under the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard enter the Virtual Directory alias. This is the Virtual Directory name you specified during the install.
  7. GNRE is the Virtual Directory alias for this example.
  8. For the Web Site Content Directory select 'Browse' and use the following directory: x:\\NameReference\web
    • Under Access Permissions select the following:
      1. Read
      2. Run scripts
      3. Execute
      4. Browse
  • After clicking 'Finish' you should see an entry called GNRE under the Default Web Sites folder under IIS and you should be able to enter http:\localhost\gnre\home.htm to start using the GNRE.

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More support for: InfoSphere Global Name Management
InfoSphere Global Name Reference Encyclopedia

Software version: 2.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1247564

Modified date: 14 May 2013