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Printing envelopes from Approach crashes application

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When printing an envelope from a Lotus Approach® database, the program crashes and sometimes the following error message displays:

    Can't print this kind of paper on the current printer. Select a different printer or a different paper size.

All forms, reports, and other items print without error. Only envelopes cause the issue.


This is a known issue with Approach and it relates to the way Approach and the printer driver communicate.

One work around is to print to Microsoft XPS Document Writer. After saving the file with an XPS extension, open the file and print to your printer.

Another work around for this issue, is to use the Approach database as data in a mail merge with either Lotus Word Pro® or some other word processing program.

If you use Word Pro, do the following:

1. From the Text menu, choose Merge --> Letter or Envelope.

2. Click Use Existing in "Step 1 - Select Data File" and specify a ".dbf" file type for your data file in the "Files of type" box.

3. Locate the data file and specify its name in the "File name" box by pointing to your Approach database containing what you want to print on the envelope.

4. Click Open.

5. Select the merge document in "Step 2 - Select Letter to Merge" or "Step 2 - Setup Envelope."

6. Insert the merge fields in your letter or envelope.

7. Click Done on the Merge bar to return to the Mail Merge Assistant dialog box.

8. Click Merge in "Step 3 - Merge, View and Print" and specify merge, view, and print options.

9. Click OK. If necessary, click Done to close the Merge bar.

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