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Collecting data for 100% CPU Usage on Windows

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MustGather for problems with 100% CPU Usage on Windows. Gathering this information before calling IBM® support helps familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and saves you time.


Collecting data for diagnosing 100% CPU usage on versions 11.70.xC1 and later

In versions of the Informix Server engine 11.70.xC1 and later ifxcollect can be used to gather diagnostic information. To gather information for 100% CPU usage execute the following command while experiencing problems:

%INFORMIXDIR%\bin\ifxcollect -c performance -s cpu

Executing ifxcollect will create a %INFORMIXDIR%/isa/data/current directory to store the diagnostic information. To upload the information for review, zip up the current directory and follow any of the methods described in the "Submitting information to IBM Support section".

For additional information on ifxcollect see the following link:

Collecting data with the ifxcollect tool

Collecting information for versions prior to 11.70.xC1

For all versions of Informix Server prior to 11.70.xC1, gather the following information for any problem:

MustGather: General Information to collect for Informix Family product problems

Before you begin, check that Informix Dynamic Server is the cause of the 100% CPU usage
Most programs will occasionally monopolize the CPU for short periods, but a program that is stuck at 100% for a long time most likely has some kind of problem.
  1. Press <ctrl> <alt> <delete>.
  2. Click on the button called "Task Manager".
  3. Click on the folder called "Performance" to see the overall CPU usage in a graph.
  4. Click on the folder called "Processes" to see CPU per process. The main informix process is called oninit.exe.

It can also be that a query is monopolizing the system and leaves other queries waiting for resources. In general, if a specific SQL query takes 100% of physical CPUs, then adding additional physical CPUs to the machine should make the query go faster and not monopolize the system.

Collecting 100% CPU usage information for version prior to 11.70.xC1
  • How many CPUs your machine has. If you have multi-core processors then please supply information about them.
  • How you have configured CPU usage for Informix.

Processes to run for version prior to 11.70.xC1
  • onstat -a
  • onstat -g stk all
  • onstat -g cpu (only from IDS v 11.1)
  • onstat -r 1 -g ath ( run for about 7-8 seconds)

Files to collect for version prior to 11.70.xC1
  • onconfig
  • online.log

Submitting information to IBM Support

Once you have collected your information, you can begin Problem Determination through the product Support web page, or simply submit the diagnostic information to IBM support.

You can submit files using one of following methods to help speed problem diagnosis:
  • IBM Support Assistant (ISA)
  • Electronic Service Request (ESR)
  • FTP to the Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep)

See the Related information article, Submitting diagnostic information to IBM Technical Support for problem determination

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