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Collecting Data: WebSphere Portal and eTrust SiteMinder Integration Issues

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Collecting data if you have an integration issue between IBM® WebSphere® Portal and Computer Associates eTrust SiteMinder™. Gathering this MustGather information before calling IBM Support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.


If you have already contacted Support, begin collecting WebSphere Portal and SiteMinder integration MustGather data. Otherwise, refer to Collecting Data: Read first for IBM WebSphere Portal.

Collecting WebSphere Portal/SiteMinder Integration information

I. Confirm the following information:
Exact versions of all components involved in the environment. These include:

  • Operating system
  • WebSphere Portal
  • WebSphere Application Server (BASE/ND/DMgr components)
  • WebSphere Process Server (if deployed)
  • SiteMinder (Policy server, webagent, SDK version)
  • Database Server
  • LDAP server
  • HTTP server
Are WebSphere Portal and SiteMinder running on the same machine?
Are you using reference material to set up the environment (IBM Redbooks, techdocs, InfoCenter, administration guides, or developerWorks® articles). If you are using a reference such as an IBM Redbook, it can be helpful to include the page number or section where you started experiencing your current issue.
What are the steps to reproduce your current issue?
Is your goal to have SiteMinder handle only authentication for WebSphere Portal, or both authentication and authorization?

II. Collect tracing during reproduction of the issue if possible:

If experiencing an authentication issue, do the following to enable tracing:

1. Log in to the WebSphere Administrative Console / Integrated Solutions Console.
2. Click:

(6.1) Security > Secure administration, applications, and infrastructure > ([+] Web Security) > Trust association > Interceptors > SiteMinderTrustAssociationInterceptor > Custom Properties


(7.0, 8.0, 8.5) Security > Global security > Trust association > Interceptors > SiteMinderTrustAssociationInterceptor > Custom Properties

and add the following custom property:

3. Click OK.

4. Set WebSphere Security tracing in the WebSphere Administrative Console / Integrated Solutions Console. To do so, use these steps:

a. Navigate to Troubleshooting > Logs and Trace > WebSphere_Portal > Diagnostic Trace
b. Ensure that "Enable Log" is selected (checked)
c. Click on "Change Log Detail Levels," and then change trace string to:**=all:*=all
(all on one line, no spaces and colon (:) separated values)

d. Click on Apply. Save and synchronize your configuration.

NOTE: If you cannot access the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console / Integrated Solutions Console, you can specify the trace manually. To do so, use these steps:

a. Edit the file <wp_profile>\config\cells\<cell>\

b. Specify the value for startupTraceSpecification as :


c. Save the file.

5. Modify the SiteMinder (WAS/classes). Set the following properties
logfilename=”full path to new log file”

6. Edit the WebAgent.conf for the SM TAI, located in the TAI binary installation directory --OR-- locate the Agent Config object in the SiteMinder admin console for the SM TAI
Set the following properties:
logfilename=”full path to (second)  log file”

7. Restart the WebSphere_Portal application server.

8. Reproduce your issue and document the steps taken to reproduce the problem.

If experiencing an authorization issue when eTrust SiteMinder is set up to handle authorization for WebSphere Portal, do the following to enable tracing:

a. Follow same steps 1-4 above in for 'Authentication' to enable trace but instead use the following traceString:**=all

b. Reproduce your issue and document your test case.

III. Along with the above information, send the following files to IBM WebSphere Portal Support:
  • wpcollector output
  • Archive of <WP_root>/shared/app/config/ directory
  • <wp_profile>/config/cells/<cell>/nodes/<node>/resources.xml (or wpcollector will collect this)
  • <wp_profile>/config/cells/<cell>/security.xml (or wpcollector will collect this)
  • WebAgent.conf or AsaAgent-assertion.conf (if using SiteMinder agent 6.0)
  • From <wp_profile>/logs/WebSphere_Portal (or wpcollector will collect these):
    • SystemOut.log
    • SystemErr.log
    • trace.log and historical copies

Send the files to IBM Support by using the instructions outlined in Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support for problem determination.

Note: When sending in logs for review, include any relevant screenshots, timestamps, userIds, etc. in order to expedite analysis of the issue.

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