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Submitting diagnostics to IBM Technical Support for problem determination

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How do I submit diagnostic information to IBM®, so problem determination can begin for a Problem Management Record (PMR)?


To diagnose or identify a problem, it is sometimes necessary to provide Technical Support with data and information from your system. In addition, Technical Support might also need to provide you with tools or utilities to be used in problem determination. Submit files by using the Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep).

Open a problem management record (PMR)
Do not submit files until a problem record is opened with the support center.
If you do not have an open PMR you can create one now by using the Service Request tool.

There are two steps that must be completed to get your data loaded into the repository:

Step 1: Prepare your data

Step 2: Send your data
    ECuRep supports several methods for sending data to IBM®. The file size of your data largely determines the methods available for use. Select your method to send your data to the repository.

Quick Method:
The easiest way to quickly send small problem documentation files (2 gigabytes or less) to IBM® is through your Web browser: Regular ( HTTP ECuRep upload) or Secure ( HTTPS ECuRep upload).

Other Methods:
For uploading problem documentation files using other methods, like IBM Support Assistant (ISA) or Service Request (SR), refer to Attaching files to a PMR using SR.

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