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Using REQUEST_CONTENT with Web agents and large POST data

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What limits exist for the maximum size of POST data that can be handled by the REQUEST_CONTENT field? The REQUEST_CONTENT field is designed to contain all HTTP POST data that was submitted during an HTTP request.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# SNIS6AKMCF. The limit has been removed in Notes/Domino 7 and later releases.

Domino 6 releases:
The maximum amount of data that can be handled by the REQUEST_CONTENT field is 64 KB. After the 64 KB threshold is exceeded, the field would not be usable. This has been a problem for those applications that use the REQUEST_CONTENT field.

Domino 7 & Domino 8 releases:
This limit has been removed, and Domino can now handle POST data larger than 64 KB in the REQUEST_CONTENT field. This is accomplished as follows:

    If the POST data is less than 64 KB -
    Use REQUEST_CONTENT to access the POST data.

    If the POST data is greater than 64 KB -
    Use REQUEST_CONTENT_000 to access the first 6 4KB chunk, REQUEST_CONTENT_001 to access the second 64 KB chunk, REQUEST_CONTENT_002 to access the third 64 KB chunk, and so on.

    A developer can use the NotesDocument.HasItem("REQUEST_CONTENT") call to test for the presence of the REQUEST_CONTENT field. If it exists, then there was less than 64 KB of POST data.
NOTE: The Server Document setting, "Maximum POST data" refers to the maximum amount of POST data Domino will accept. This field (Internet Protocols panel --> Domino Web Engine) does not affect the REQUEST_CONTENT field and how it is used.

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