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After a column with a default value is added, the default value is not propagated when a row is deleted.

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When a column is added using default values, the Capture program does not use the default value on any row that existed prior to the column being added. Instead, a system default value is used.


Capture gets each column value from log records. If the row existed before the column was added, there is no data for this column in the log record and the column values would contain the system default value. If the row was inserted or updated after the ALTER ADD operation, the column would have data either explicitly or the column would contain the user-defined default value.


1. Execute a REORG on the source table after you add the column.
2. Update the source table prior to applying any changes.

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Information Management InfoSphere Replication Server i5/OS, OS/400 8.1, 9.1

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Software version: 8.2, 9.1

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Modified date: 28 May 2016

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