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Error: 'SMTP Server: Authentication is not enabled...' after upgrade

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If you upgrade a Lotus Notes®/Lotus Domino® 5 or 6 client to a 7 release, SMTP mail stops routing and you cannot receive or send SMTP mail. The Internet sites are enabled and you can define specific sites (on the web, LDAP, IIOP, POP3, SMTP). Regardless of how you configure the SMTP Inbound Site Document, any attempt to deliver inbound mail results in the following error message on the server console:

    "SMTP Server: Authentication is not enabled in the SMTP Internet Site Document for xxxxx."
You also receive the following message on the SMTP client:
    "421 SMTP service not available, closing transmission channel."



To get SMTP inbound mail to work:

-- Enable the Internet sites identified in your Server Document but do NOT define any Internet sites (including NO inbound SMTP site).

-- Do not use Internet Site documents at all to receive SMTP inbound mail.

What you must have:
-- A Global Web Settings Document with the descriptive name the same as the top level of your Domino organization. For example, if your Domino server is named Domino7/Org, the descriptive name should be "Org."

-- An SMTP Inbound Site Document under "Internet sites" which you create. External Names & Addresses (NAB) do not have to be named in the SMTP Inbound Site Document, only the local IP addresses as directly configured in the local host operating system. The SMTP Inbound Document must contain every local IP address to be used for inbound SMTP in the "Host names or addresses mapped to this site" field.

The SMTP Inbound Site Document can contain any descriptive name but the organization must be identical to your Domino organization and the descriptive name in the Global Web Settings Document. Other than that, it seems to need only the IP address of the physical adapter to which the SMTP service is bound in the "Host names or addresses mapped to this site" field.

-- No Global Domain Document is required; this works with or without one.
-- No Global Web Settings Document is required except where hosted organizations are in use.
-- The Server Document must be set to load Internet configurations from the Internet Site documents.
-- At least one other Internet site (other than the inbound SMTP site) must be present for this to be valid.

NOTE: Conventional loopback (localhost or does not work. You can use a loopback address but you must choose one in the following range: -

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