APAR PK24688 - Documentation update for DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for OS/390 V2.1 or IAFC V1.3 index migration loads into DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS and OS/390 V7.1

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Programs ARSZIMIG and ARSZIAIM extract index values from DB2® Content Manager OnDemand for OS/390® V2.1 (OD/390 V2.1) and IAFC V1.3. These index values are put into MVS™ physical sequential files, which are moved to the hfs. From there, the DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS® and OS/390 V7.1 (OD z/OS V7.1) arsload program is used, via the generic indexer, to load these indexes into OD z/OS V7.1. Various parameters can be specified for arsload. This flash documents three parameters that should be specified for index migration loads.


Problem description:
Customers who have not yet performed index migrations need to review this information and use it appropriately. Customers who have already performed their index migrations will need to take an extra step to correct a problem if their index migration loads did not include the -Y parameter. The -Y parameter is required for index migration loads. The other two parameters, -f and -K, are optional and their absence does not result in any problems.

Arsload parameters -Y, -f and -K descriptions follow:

-Y required
  1. Sets the correct decompression value in the index object
  2. If a load failure occurs and the -f parameter is specified, prevents the arsod table entry from being deleted
  3. Prevents arsload from running the post processor on the index values
-f optional If a failure occurs during arsload, the partially loaded index values are deleted
-K optional Improves performance by keeping a single arsadmin enclave in use during the load

Problem analysis:
If you have performed index migration loads without the -Y parameter, then the index object created during those loads contains an incorrect decompression value. This is only an issue when using:
  1. arsdoc get with the -X parameter
  2. full report browse function

All other functions of OnDemand will perform correctly even with this incorrect decompression value in the index object.

Problem resolution:
All future index migrations must include the -Y parameter when running arsload to load the indexes into OD z/OS V7.1.

For index migrations already complete:
Install APAR PK24688. This APAR provides a batch utility to correct all existing index objects. This utility will determine if the index object has already been corrected, and only modify the index object if it has not yet been corrected.

Refer to the APAR Actions section of this APAR for instructions on installing and running this new batch utility.

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