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Using the crmregister command with the ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM integration

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What does the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® 7.x "crmregister" command do in relation to the Rational ClearQuest® UCM integration?


The crmregister interface provides functionality for manipulating the ClearQuest credential registry. For example, it is used to register the ClearQuest credentials of a user for a specific user database:

crmregister add -database <cq-user-database-name> -connection <cq-connection-name> -user <cq-username> [-password <cq-password>]

This command is featured in ClearCase 7.0 and later versions only. It is available on platforms that support both ClearCase and ClearQuest.


  • This command will not be back patched in prior releases.
  • For more switch options and usage examples for the crmregister command, run the command crmregister help.
  • The crmregister utility has a variety of subcommands that it prefaces, and interacts with the ClearCase-ClearQuest integration code in order to allow manipulation of the credentials registry between them. The initial release of this command in ClearCase can enter, modify, and delete the multiple database sets, but it did not include the sub-command, list. That sub-command, which lists the registered database sets, was added in See technote 1265307 for information regarding the latest patches for ClearCase.

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