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Archive settings supplied by archive policy cannot be enabled or disabled by users

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When an administrator generates an Archive Policy Settings document, they can

also generate an associated Archive Criteria Settings document for that policy. In this fashion, archive setting(s) can be supplied to all users in common across their environment.

The archive setting must be enabled (just beneath the description field in that document) before being supplied through the policy to the users. If this is not done, then the users will report seeing an archive setting available but that they cannot enable it. The enable field is "greyed out" and a "key lock" symbol appears next to the archive setting in the list.

If the archive setting is enabled and supplied through the policy, then the user will successfully see both the "key lock" next to the archive setting and a "check mark" appear
but "greyed out" in the enable field.

Should this be expected?


Yes. In both cases, it should be understood that the "key lock" symbol and "greyed out" Enable field are expected results and that the Enable field cannot be modified by the user.

Hypothetically, an administrator might think that they could supply more than one Archive Criteria
Setting selection through the policy to their users and then let them select which one(s) they would like to have enabled. That is not the case.

Archive settings are centrally managed and enforced by the administrator. Users are prohibited from changing a supplied archive setting or creating a new one through a policy. This is working as designed.

If an administrator chooses to supply an archive criteria settings to users, they must first enable it and then only provide one(s) intended for them to use. Once they are deployed through the policy, users will not have the ability to de-select or disable the archive criteria settings.

If an archive criteria setting was supplied in error, it can simply be removed from the archive policy document or the archive policy itself can be removed from the policy. All users would then need to officially authenticate with the server to retrieve this change. A user could press <Ctrl+F5> and re-authenticate or bounce their Notes® client to achieve this goal as well.

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