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Client Setup error: 'There are multiple matches for the user name you entered. Please enter your full unique user name.'

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You are running the Lotus Notes® client setup program for a new user. After entering the user's full name and Domino server in the User Information Pane, the following error appears:

    "There are multiple matches for the user name you entered. Please enter your full unique user name."


This is typically caused by a duplicate Person document, or a Certificate document with the same name as the user in the Domino Directory.

To trouble shoot the issue, have an administrator open the "($Users)" view and locate the documents for the username. Open each instance and see what type of document it is. (Note: To open the "($Users)" view, you must hold down the Control and Shift keys while opening the Domino Directory.)

You can additionally trouble shoot this issue by using the following notes.ini parameter on the Domino server:


This parameter will cause all Domino Directory lookups to be detailed. The parameter produces a lot of data, and it is probably easier to attempt to trouble shoot this issue by reviewing the entries in the "($Users)" view. You can use the Set Config command on the server console to set the parameter without restarting the Domino server. Note: In order to send the lookup debug output to a file you must use the following notes.ini parameter:

The output in the console log should show two instances of the user name found when the client setup program performs a lookup in the Domino Directory.

Supporting Information
Notes 7.0.2 introduces additional functionality to the ambigious names dialog box, which allows administrators to provide additional detail in the dialog, which allow users to more easily identify which name is the one they mean to address. For additional details on this topic refer to the following document: "Additional columns can be added to Ambiguous Names dialog and No Match dialog in Notes 7.0.2 and later" (# 1244505)

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