error message "AMW0285E - Property 'key.*' not found

Technote (troubleshooting)


wdmconfig -G 'key' gets an error message, that 'key' was not found in the monitoring configuration on the managed node


The wdmconfig -G reads the keys from the $DBDIR/dmml/tedw/.config file. This displays no default values, set by ITM. So if there is no value set for the key, set by "wdmconfig -D key=value", the error message occurs.

Resolving the problem

Check the $DBDIR/dmml/tedw/.config for the missing key. If the key does not exist in the .config file, set the mentioned key with "wdmconfig -m <ManagedNode> -D key=value".

(e.g. wdmconfig -m tivsuppch -D request_manager.threads=200)

The "wdmconfig -G key" displays now this key with the value.

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