Electronic Service Request and ECuRep tools help manage PMRs

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you cannot solve a technical problem using the resources available from the product support Web page, you can quickly open a problem management record (PMR) to engage IBM Support.

Resolving the problem

IBM provides the Electronic Service Request (ESR) tool to electronically submit and manage your PMRs through the Web. With EcuRep, you can attach files to the PMRs, which gives you more control over their content.

  • Electronic Service Request (ESR) Tool
  • ECuRep: Attaching files to your PMR
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  • Electronic Service Request (ESR) Tool


      With ESR, you can create new PMRs and update existing ones through the Web. If you have an active support contract for IBM Passport Advantage, you can do the following:

      • Submit and manage PMRs on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
      • Describe your software problem and environment in your own words.
      • Monitor and update all open PMRs relative to a given IBM customer number, regardless of whether the PMRs were opened by phone or with the ESR tool.
      • Receive notification by e-mail when an update has been made to your PMR.
      • View closed PMRs.
      • Create custom reports in spreadsheet format.
      • Manage your ESR Authorized Caller/User lists.
        This is only available to Primary Site Technical Contacts (PSTCs) and Secondary Site Technical Contacts (SSTCs).
      • Update your ESR profile, including your name, e-mail address, phone numbers, time zone, e-mail notification preferences, and the language for the e-mail notification.
      • Attach files to your PMR.

      Using the ESR Tool

      If you are registered and on an authorized caller list, follow these steps to create a PMR :
      1. Go to the IBM Software Support Web site.
      2. Click the Submit/track problems tab.
      3. Click ESR.
      4. Sign in to ESR using your IBM ID and password. You will access the Electronic Service Request home page.
      5. Click Open a new problem report.
      6. Select a product and a component by doing one of the following:
        • If you have saved products and components to your primary list, you can:
          • Select a product from the drop down list
          • Select a component from the drop down list
          • Click Go
          • Proceed to step 8
        • If you have not saved products and components to your primary list, then you can do the following:
          • Under the Search my products heading, click on the drop-down arrow in the "Select a Contract (optional)" field. Highlight your Contract number/IBM Customer number.
          • Click Go.
          • Select a product from the drop-down list.
          • Click Continue.
          • Select a component from the drop-down list.
          • (Optional) Save the product and component to your primary list by selecting the Add to my primary product/component list box.
          • Click Continue.
      7. If a list of contracts is displayed, you must select one before proceeding.
      8. Under the Contact Information tab, make sure the information is correct.
        Note: Information updated here will be reflected in all of your existing PMRs as well as in your Electronic Service Request profile.
        • Alt. Email Provide a second e-mail address where an IBM engineer can write to you.
        • Alt. Contact Specify an alternate or backup individual to be kept informed of updates regarding your PMR by selecting a name from the Alt. Contact list. This list consists of all authorized callers and STCs associated with the IBM customer number you are submitting the PMR against. You can have a different alternate contact for each PMR. An e-mail will be sent to the alternate contact each time the PMR is updated if the contact's PMR Notification Preferences are set to receive e-mails. PMR Notification Preferences are located under My profile for Electronic Service Request.
      9. Click the Problem Description tab, and complete the PMR.
      10. Click Submit or save the PMR in draft mode by clicking Save as unfinished. Your draft PMR will be available for five days.

    EcuRep: Attaching Files to your PMR


      ECuRep (Enhanced Customer Data Repository) is a secure and fully supported data repository with automated RETAIN alerts and Problem Management Records (PMR) LifeCycle management.

      Using ECuRep

      1. FTP to ftp.emea.ibm.com.
      2. Log in as anonymous, and enter your email ID as password.
      3. Change directory to /toibm.
      4. Change directory to your operating system, by selecting from the following list: UNIX, Windows, Other.
      5. Enter bin at the command prompt.
      6. Use the following file naming convention to name your file and put it on the server. Your PMR will be updated to list where files are stored, using the following format: xxxxx.bbb.ccc.yyy.yyy

        xxxxx = PMR Number
        bbb = Branch
        ccc = Country codes
        yyy.yyy = Description of the file type.
        Compress the file to be transferred using the ZIP or TAR format.
        Note: If the file cannot be associated with an existing PMR, it will be tagged and deleted.

      7. Enter the quit command.

    E-mail documentation

      You can mail documentation, such as problem descriptions, screen prints and small excerpts of message logs, to the WebSphere Business Integration team at the following e-mail address: wbi_support@ecurep.ibm.com. For easy identification, include the PMR number on the subject line of your e-mail.

    General hints and tips

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