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TWS conman command line internal job states

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What are the internal job states that are displayed when using Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) conman command line?


The following internal jobs states are for the conman CLI:

ABEND - The job terminated with a non-zero exit code.

ABENP - An ABEND confirmation was received, but the job is not completed.

ADD - The job is being submitted.

DONE - The job completed in an unknown state.

ERROR - For internetwork dependencies only, an error occurred while checking for the remote status.

EXEC - The job is running.

EXTRN - For internetwork dependencies only, the status is unknown. An error occurred, a rerun action was just performed on the job in the external job stream, or the remote job or job stream does not exist.

FAIL - Unable to launch the job.

FENCE - The job’s priority is below the fence.

HOLD - The job is awaiting dependency resolution.

INTRO - The job is introduced for launching by the system.

PEND - The job completed, and is awaiting confirmation.

READY - The job is ready to launch, and all dependencies are resolved.

SCHED - The job’s at time has not arrived.

SUCC - The job completed with an exit code of zero.

SUCCP - A SUCC confirmation was received, but the job is not completed.

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