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How do I upgrade a local archive after upgrading the client?

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How do I upgrade a local archive after upgrading the client?

A local archive database is not one of the databases needed for the Notes client to operate. When the client code is upgraded, only the Bookmark, Personal Address Books, Desktop and Cache files are upgraded in design.

How do you upgrade both the design and the On-Disk Structure (ODS) of local archives?


Select one document in the mail file and choose "Archive Selected Documents".

This will update the design to 9.x, but will not upgrade the ODS (On-Disk Structure). You can run the Compact task locally at the client end to upgrade the ODS, or can utilize a Policy or the ini variable NSF_UpdateODS=1 .

You can also upgrade the design manually by selecting the local mail template on the Client and selecting Replace Design. If you find that any personal or standard folders do not upgrade successfully, select the Upgrade agent within the mail file though the drop-down menu within the Actions menu of that database.

If archiving is performed on the server using the Compact task, the ODS is upgraded based on server's preference, either by Release or ini setting. When the design task runs at 1:00 a.m. by default, the design of the database is updated to the template being inherited.

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