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Error message, SQL22205C occurs when performing an administration task in the Control Center

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This document provides troubleshooting information for the situation where the error message, SQL22205C: The DB2® Administration Server encountered an
unexpected error while executing a request, occurs when performing an administrative task (for example, extending a table space) in the Control Center. Attempting the equivalent operation from the DB2 UDB command line is successful.


This can be caused by a mismatch in the FixPak levels of the DB2 Administration Server (DAS) and the DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) instance on the UNIX/Linux DB2 server. This problem usually occurs if the db2iupdt (for each instance) and dasupdt commands were not run after applying a DB2 UDB FixPak.


To check if there is a DAS and DB2 instance mismatch, the build levels from db2level and db2daslevel commands should match for both instances. For example, if the build level is s070719 for both commands, there is no mismatch:

[] $ db2level
DB21085I Instance "db2inst1" uses "32" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09013"
with level identifier "01040107".
Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.1.0.3", "s070719", "MI00202", and Fix Pack
"3". Product is installed at "/opt/ibm/db2/V9.1".

[] $ db2daslevel
DB21089I DB2 Administration Server "db2das" uses DB2 code release
"DB2 v9.1.0.3" with level identifier "01040107".
Informational tokens are "s070719", "MI00202", and Fix Pack "3".
Product is installed at "/opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/das".

If the build levels are not equal, then there is a mismatch between the DAS and DB2 FixPak levels. To resolve this issue run the db2iupdt command against the failing instance and possibly perform the dasupdt command for the DAS as well.

For example:

  1. Update the instance:
    1. Stop the instance: db2stop
    2. Issue the db2iupdt command (as root).
      The db2iupdt utility is located in the DB2DIR/instance directory, where DB2DIR represents /usr/opt/db2_08_01 on AIX®, and /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1 on all other Linux® and UNIX® platforms. If you have a FixPak or modification level installed in an alternate path, the DB2DIR directory is usr/opt/db2_08_FPn on AIX and /opt/IBM/db2/V8.FPn on all other Linux UNIX platforms, where n represents the number of the FixPak or modification level. For DB2 v9.x db2iupdt can be found in /usr/opt/db2_09_01/instance (AIX®) or /opt/IBM/db2/V9.1/instance (UNIX® and Linux®). For DB2 v9.5 the default location is /opt/IBM/db2/V9.5/instance (UNIX® and Linux®), otherwise it may be located in a user defined path during installation.
    3. Start the instance: db2start
  2. Update the DAS:
    1. Stop the DAS: db2admin stop
    2. Issue the dasupdt command (as root).
      The dasupdt utility is located in the same directory path as db2iupdt.
    3. Start the DAS: db2admin start

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