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CDP for Files Releases/Fixpack details and all APAR fixes

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This document outlines the fix details for all the Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files builds since Version 2.1.


Build Date Fixes / APAR history
6.3.1 11/16/12 1st Fixpack for v6.3. See Readme for details.

IC86772 - (
CDP Clients did not backup files if the include list from the Central Administration Console included trailing spaces

IC86774 - (
FPA sync command sometimes crashes Filepathsrv.exe

IC87129 - (
The remote locations occupancy statistics could be reset when the defined quota limit was exceeded

IC86769 - (
Expiration would preempt remote backup

IC87131 - (
Filepathsrv.exe intermittently crashed on startup caused by bad synchronization around the TSM API init routines.

IC87132 - (
Dates did not display correctly in the GUI for some locales

IC87133 - (
Running the fpa sync command could result in email base files being deleted when remote storage space needed to be freed for new file backups

IC85154 - (
Error message FBW5029 would be returned when attempting scheduled backup when Continuous protection was set to Local only

IC87134 - (
The expiration setting for Daily time to run was getting reset to 12:00 AM after every system reboot.

6.3.0 3/16/12 Initial release of CDP for Files v6.3 (see release note for details)

IC79450 - (
Can not use "*" in the networks.xml file for distribution

IC80473 - (
Overinstall fails on a Non-English install

IC80472 - (
Erroneous message in the Windows Event log.

IC77703 - (
Sync command has undesirable side effects when trying to purge files.
3.1.9 8/19/11 9th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.9 available from support site only). See Readme for details.

IC75351 - (
Lotus E-mail files fail to be backed up when the dll required for backup fails to load properly.

IC75334 - (
Permission problems when accessing files in the data directory by User Accounts when install was performed by Administrator Account.

IC75358 - (
Set permission on client BackupAdmin\Downloads directory.

IC75712 - (
Email backup of .pst files hang after restarting the CDP Client.

IC75780 - (
CDP Clients will only backup 10240 files in a single directory.

IC77407 - (
When a CDP Client is set to run as a Service, the ReplicationThread for 3, 5, and 9 throttle values was set to 0.
3.1.8 12/10/10 8th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.8 media refreshed for Full and Starter Editions. See Flash for details.)

IC68840 - (
When using a preconfigured fpa.txt file during the install of a CDP client, if the configuration is locked ( LockConfig active="1" />), the user will see error 6000 in the system Event log.

IC68742 - (
When the Italian locale is selected for the GUI the dates do not display properly

IC70742 - (
Crash in setActiveReplication. The following error will be displayed FPA_SendCommand: The system cannot locate the resource specified. The call stack in the drwtsn32.log file has to show a crash in setActiveReplication at the top of the call stack for this problem to match.

IC71345 - (
When backing up to a WebDav server a large number of connection can be opened when doing fpa synchronize commands that resulted in simultaneous backups.

IC70587 - Doc APAR to correct the Users Guide. The Users Guide and Redbook have an incorrect entry for using encryption when going to a TSM Server. The dsm.opt file should contain "encryptkey generate".
3.1.7 3/26/10 7th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.7 media refreshed for Full and Starter Editions. See Flash for all details.)

IC65674 – When subfile is enabled and a file is saved that is over subfile minimum, a delta file is created then the file is saved again but smaller than the subfile size, when a restore of the file is attempted it fails with "FILEPATH ERROR FPDIFF CATCHUP READ ERR:"

IC65818 – Unnecessary storage is used if the e-mail application is started prior to CDP v3.1 start up.
3.1.6 12/11/09 6th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.6 available from the support site only)

IC62003 – CDP hangs when using compression with email backup. Proper backups now occur on email files that are greater than their subfile minimum size.

IC63477 – Files will not be stored correctly by CDP if the machine name contains "-fp". Files will now be stored correctly.

IC64824 - Initial scan on CDP backup may skip files/directories. CDP no longer skips files/directories when doing an initial scan of the machine.

3.1.5 6/23/09 5th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.5 media refreshed for Full and Starter Edition. See Flash for all details. )

IC60954 - When CDP for Files 3.1 is installed together with Trend Micro Office Scan 8 the user can experience times when the computer will perform slowly or not function at all.

IC59353 - Files in renamed directories may not be backed up using encryption or compression.

IC59211 - CDP fails to restore files from fileserver when machine name is in Chinese or other supported multi byte languages.

IC59102 - When using a 2003 server as the remote location and the server is shutdown, files saved on the client 2003 machine does not get back a restartable error. As a result, the files are not backed up when the server is restarted.

IC58904 - CDP does not backup Lotus Notes files that are opened using inconsistent case.
3.1.4 9/26/08 4th Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.4 media refreshed for Full and Starter Edition. See Flash for all details. )

IC56168\IC56140 - CDP fails to create folder for hard drive under realtimebackup

IC56230 - CDP does not backup documents saved by word 2000 to a network

IC57117 – CDP for files documentation unclear about sub-file, encryption, and compression usage if file replication sent to TSM

IC57118 - CDP for files may cause media wait sessions during replication to a TSM remote location

IC57351 - CDP 3.1 driver load failure on Windows Vista

IC57353 - CDP 3.1 "E-mail application data folder" setting does not behave as expected when a drive letter is used.

IC57609 - CDP is unable to restore files from the top level of the restore tree

IC57849 - CDP for Files pops a systray message stating CDP for files encountered an error and the diagnostic messages are in English.

IC57910 - CDP can blue screen when an application opens and closes a file
3.1.3 3/27/08 3rd Fixpack for v3.1 (v3.1.3 media refreshed for Full and Starter Edition. See Flash for details.)

IC55325- CDP client is unable to expand directories of displayed files in the "folder view" on restore.

IC55323- CDP restore GUI interface may show multiple overlapping windows.

IC54792- CDP fpa.txt file on target system is not updated correctly for continuous protection, when changing the protection level.

IC54486- CDP GUI opens in an existing web browser window rather than in a new web browser window.

IC54485- CDP GUI is slow when displaying folders that contain a large number of objects.

IC54425- Date stamp does not display correctly when v3.1.2 is run on Italian XP.

IC54272- When doing an install with an fpa.txt in the system32 directory on a vista machine results in the fpa.txt getting virtualized.

IC54264- Security concerns with central admin global download directory and remote global download directory.

IC54200- File created or changed while a TSM node is locked do not get backed up.

IC54093- CDP's filepathsrv.exe process can crash after logging into windows when the remote target is a usb drive.
3.1.2 /
10/3/07 2nd Fixpack for v3.1. (v3.1.2 media refresh for Full and Starter Edition. See Flash for details.)
IC53779 – When a Non-default Central Admin location is specified, the subdirectory for the CDP Client computer name is not created causing the global download area never to be looked at for updates.
IC53118- Transferring a pst file to a Webdav server.

IC53814 - CDP 3.1 not able to see all files/folders when doing a restore from a remote Webdav server. 8/17/07 1st Fixpack for v3.1. (media refreshed for Full and Starter Edition. See Flash for details).
IC52755 – Encryption / Compression not support to WebDav server.
IC52754- CDP for Files does not track the storage that is consumed by email backup copies.
PMR 93707,000,672 - Email list truncated.
PMR 60367, 044, 866 - Improved Compatibility with 3rd Party Filesystem Filter Drivers 5/25/07 Initial release of CDP for Files Starter Edition v3.1. 4/27/07 Initial release of CDP for Files v3.1 (see release note for details) 4/7/07 This build needs to be installed if you are upgrading from v2.2 to v3.1. This version updates v2.2 codebase so that you can upgrade to v3.1 and save all settings.

IC50907 - CDP can send a malformed request to a wedDAV server. 9/29/06 First Fixpack for v2.2. (see release note for details)
IC49668 – Socket bind errors occur when multiple users are logged in.
IC50105 – Backup fails when filenames have a percent sign in them.
IC50107 – Backup copies to server become inaccessible when access control lists are copied.
IC50221 – When using the user interface in national language versions an erroneous message occurs.
IC50496 – Backup copies with double-byte file name cannot be restored from the Restore panel. 6/16/06 Initial release of CDP for Files v2.2 3/16/06 TSM Express Interoperability support. 2/24/06 ACL’s still not getting propagated correctly. 2/17/06 IC48676 = CDP incorrectly versions files on a remote target. 2/10/06 IC48659 = CDP rendering on a remote device causes incorrect ACL's on files. 1/27/06 DBCS chars in email file pathname would fail backup 1/24/2006 Added exclusion item to exclude TSM cache
IC48383 = CDP for Files crashes when running in service mode and attempting to synchronize data. 1/19/2006 IC48408 = ‘targetBackupTime’ not saved correctly 1/16/2006 Blue screen during computer “resume” after suspend
IC48401 = CDP conflicts with SAGE2 application 1/5/2006 Outlook/email BSOD in rare cases.

filepathsrv exit if detects any disk with 0 physical size. 12/14/2005 Console install: "VitalFile" to "CDP for Files"
Console install: give user option to cancel reboot at notification
Removed benign error msgs regarding bitmap files.

Rare bluescreen when updating email bitmap files 9/14/2005 FAT32 support 9/2005 Initial release of CDP for Files v2.1

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