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MustGather: Host On-Demand LDAP problems

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What information should be collected for IBM support to use in troubleshooting IBM Rational Host On-Demand using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server or Tivoli Directory Server (TDS)?


For problems using LDAP or TDS with Host On-Demand, collect the following documentation and provide to IBM Support.

  • Java console:
    1. Open the Java Control Panel by going to Start > Control Panel > Select Java
    2. Go to Advanced tab
    3. Expand Java Console and check Show Console
    4. After recreating the problem, save the entire Java console to send to IBM Support.

  • Gather the following log files at the time of the error:
    • .../hostondemand/private/NCoDServices.RAS.TXT
    • Stderr and Stdout log files
    • .../hostondemand/private/server.log
    • .../hostondemand/private/ldap.log
    • .../hostondemand/private/Tivolilogs; there should be 3 files: trace1.log, trace2.log, trace3.log
    • .../hostondemand/private/serverlogs
    • .../hostondemand/private/OpMgr; there should be 3 files: UEvents1.log, UEvents2.log, UEvents3.log

What to do Next?
Once you have collected the MustGather information, submit the diagnostic information to IBM support. See the Submitting Diagnostic Information to IBM Technical Support for Problem Determination document for specific information.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to WebSphere Host On-Demand, see the Host On-Demand support portal.

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