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Using a Domino Directory template version that differs from the server version

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What are some of the benefits and concerns when a mixed version of a Lotus® Domino® server and Domino Directory template (pubnames.ntf) is used?


Pubnames.ntf version older than server version
If you use this combination, keep in mind that some features and enhancements introduced in the newer server version may not be present due to the older template version.

For example, new options for security policies were introduced in Domino version 6.5.4. However, a Domino 6.5.4 server running an older pubnames.ntf would not be able to use these new options until the template is upgraded.

Pubnames.ntf version newer than server version
This configuration is typically used when an administration server is the first server of a Domino domain to be upgraded to the newer release. In which case, it is possible the newer template could replicate out to servers running the older template version.

Older servers may benefit from fixes or enhancements introduced in the newer template.

One consideration for this combination is that although some new features may be visible and configurable, it is possible that they may not be fully functional until the server is upgraded.

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