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The following provides a list of all AKAU500 PTFs from January 1,2009 to March 31, 2014. Also included is the list of HIPER PTFs as well as zOS currency PTFs.


UA45617 KAUJ2ICT JES2 Initiators
UA46535 Recovery Reset
UA46751 SCOPE=ALL option for CYCLE command
UA47325 JES2 LINE Support
UA47966 AF/IRM JES3 Function Support for zOS 1.11
UA48427 List function invalid add message
UA48558 Display list of Lists support
UA50378 Currency support for @APLOPER
UA51598 IMSDCRDY and IMSREADY fail with message KAUR190E
UA52124 Error allocating TKAUTBLR when using aliases
UA53373 AF/IRM JES3 Function Support for zOS 1.12
UA53947 Allow "ALL" option for batch PRED/SUCC report
UA54200 IMSDCRDY and IMSREADY REXX functions fail
UA58080 DATETIME fails with IRX0040I message
UA58092 IMSDCRDY and IMSREADY fail with message KAUR190E
UA58466 @JES2LGN and @JES2LNE fail to detect resource state
UA53453 System variable error after table refresh
UA57524 Improper use of the MONITOR command
UA58905 Variable @aplgrps is missing from the display
UA59103 AF/IRM JES3 Function Support for zOS 1.13
UA59142 Out of space condition on table @RCFOPTS
UA59804 KAUR050E error when table row count exceeds 8192
UA59966 ASOA004E during AF/IRM initialization
UA62913 RC20 Abend in User interface
UA63057 Job Name not displayed when printing
UA63735 VPUT failures within @ISPCVxx programs
UA63868 Fields missing from the system variable report
UA64049 Daily schedule reset trap not set
UA64405 @R* variables not available for Activate command
UA64673 'INVALID OBJECT' Error when adding a task to a list
UA65215 Various report errors in KAURSSRP
UA67209 Return code 8 from the KAUWLINK module
UA67312 Table read abend during stop process
UA68021 AF/IRM JES3 Function Support for zOS 2.1
UA68173 F4 prompt members not displayed
UA69204 ASOA720E ISPF DISPLAY service failed for KAUMP01
UA70073 Manual restart of resource not honoring schedule
UA70687 Predecessor deletions cause runtime errors
UA71899 High CPU usage in the STM ResetRetry function


zOS Currency PTFs:

  • zOS 1.9: UA35886, UA46001
  • zOS 1.11: UA47966
  • zOS 1.12: UA53373
  • zOS 1.13: UA59103
  • zOS 2.1: UA68021

The PTFs are also listed below in a "copy and paste" format that you can paste directly into the box for electronic download all at once.

Complete block for copy&paste (SUPs removed):

UA45617 UA46751 UA47325
UA48558 UA50378 UA53947
UA58080 UA58092 UA58466 UA53453 UA57524 UA58905
UA59142 UA59556 UA59804 UA62913
UA63057 UA63735 UA63868 UA64049
UA65215 UA67209 UA67312 UA68021 UA68173 UA69204
UA70073 UA70687 UA71899

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