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The following provides a list of all AKOG340 and AKAO340 PTF's from January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2014. Also included is the list of HIPER PTFs as well as zOS currency PTFs.



UA45551 S0C4 in AOSIM abend recovery processing
UA45830 MAXRUN condition plus new matches causing S878
UA45831 Matches hang using inactive link with bad status
UA46062 PEER STOP looping at shutdown
UA46305 Various AFOCR report data errors
UA46597 Add new AF internals status variables
UA46967 Sample REXX to sort SHOW RSV by variable name
UA47301 CPULIM REXX function causes MATINFO inaccuracy
UA48066 Fix IMS V10 commands generic names processing
UA48505 0C4 or 0C7 abends producing SLF batch reports
UA48860 Abend S0C4 in ACTIVE REXX function
UA48913 Allow trapping of IEA705I WTO events
UA49259 IMSCMD backlog and abends using unconfigured BMP
UA48861 LINK DELETE FORCE caused repeated S301 abends
UA49023 SA03 Abend in IMS control region at IMS shutdown
UA50289 Additional LOGON keywords for POVILGON function
UA50594 Storage creep after UA46597 eventual S878 abend
UA50926 Enable system-managed rebuild of cache structure
UA50928 Abend 0F8 in DFSAOUE0 IMS exit driver
UA50968 Add support for IMS V11
UA51714 An abend S0C4 occurs in KOGBLMAT at offset 496
UA52056 SHOW STATS percentages incorrect
UA52245 AOP4007 VSAM checkpoint stopped on z/OS 1.11
UA52560 S0C9 after setting AOCPULIM system variable
UA52936 Two IMSOPER commands respond to the same IMS WTOR
UA53173 z/OS 1.12 IXCJOIN LOCALCLEANUP= keyword support
UA53699 PEERLINK STOP looping while waiting for VTAM
UA54120 SYSOUT datasets always written as LRECL 133
UA54611 Abend S0C4 in KOGMLWTO
UA56084 Repetitive S301 abends after use of CLOSE FORCE
UA56619 S0C4 in PEER STOP at product shutdown
UA57433 Submitting JCL via INTRDR fails since UA54120
UA57543 After IMS DFSCMTI abend need to stop IMS region
UA57989 Inbound TCP/IP connection fails after 5 seconds
UA58173 Add support for IMS V12
UA58257 IMS DFSCMTI interface not responding
UA58507 S0C7 in AOOMCMD using LOGON to OMEGAMON for DB2
UA58666 REXX procedure fails to execute
UA59764 AOUSERID not set for modify match
UA60111 Various abends after applying PTF UA57543
UA60304 Inbound TCP/IP connection timeout
UA60717 Abend S0C4 or S53E at shutdown
UA61120 Message !AOPNV181 from NetView during AF shutdown
UA59077 Add stepname to trapping options
UA62062 Abend SEC6 at OMVS shutdown or SA03 at shutdown
UA62169 LINK START fails with message !AOP3724 but RC=0
UA62569 Storage constraint relief
UA62989 Msg !AOP3352 and logged off from OM for DB2 V510
UA63995 PPRCCMD REXX function never completes
UA64075 CFILE PARSE VAR by column number is truncating
UA64089 Multiple S0C4 abends and SSI events not trapped
UA64398 Characters missing from LEXSY command output
UA64660 MLWTO verbose message line toleration
UA65651 Abend while EXECIO in progress bad recovery
UA65776 LINK DELETE FORCE caused S301 abend
UA66039 Storage constraint relief
UA66109 S0C4 abend in AORXHOST after UA65651 is applied
UA66188 No reply received to OPER RESP with SYSID
UA66301 Additional SYSPLEX RSV pool function tracing
UA66483 Hardware error caused a loop writing to CKPT
UA66748 Only 128 characters written to SLF
UA66981 S0C4 abend in KOGSOSVC using CTGET REXX function
UA67027 User EMCS console pool for OPER RESP
UA67318 SLF display slow response using filtering
UA67803 Allow cache structure resize using SETXCF ALTER
UA68353 S0C4 in AOCMDRSP at offset 1352
UA68354 S0C4 in KOGMAIN at offset 303E using MSMF
UA70000 CANCEL command can cause match hangs
UA70528 LNKCHECK REXX function RC=36 disambiguation
UA70965 z/OS 2.1 JES2 offsets table assembly error
UA72179 S0C4 abend in KOGMAIN at AF/OPERATOR startup
UA72593 Abends when AF is out of private storage

FMID AKAO340: AF/Operator V340:

UA45361 RCF command failure when using less than character
UA45439 KAO02017 message issued erroneously
UA46471 Resource/Group names with special characters fail
UA49449 Various RSM failures when using system symbols
UA51609 EXTEND reply time calculation incorrect
UA52126 IEBCOPY errors running KAOPOPLT job
UA53232 Task name required in error for a resource class
UA53465 Resources disappear from Resource Definition Panel
UA54018 Global Preferences not in Authorization Groups
UA56074 KAOG020D - Severe Error during predecessor Modify
UA56887 Some TRAPGROUP command functions fail
UA56890 Recovery fails to restart an abended task
UA58928 RSM User Interface fails during startup
UA59079 Add STEPNAME support for RSM job names
UA61090 Task status not checked before restart
UA65595 Resource check exit run after read activity failure
UA66154 Enhance RSM check exit facility

UA45551, UA50594, UA52245, UA56084, UA60111

zOS Currency PTFs:

  • zOS 1.9: UA33312, UA37105, UA34370, UA35758
  • zOS 1.10: UA44070
  • zOS 1.11: UA47948, UA52245
  • zOS 1.12: UA53173
  • zOS 1.13: none
  • zOS 2.1: UA70965

The PTFs are also listed below in a "copy and paste" format that you can paste directly into the box for electronic download all at once.

OMEGACENTER Gateway (AKOG340) Complete block for copy&paste (SUPs removed):

UA45551 UA45831 UA46062
UA46305 UA46967 UA47948 UA48505 UA48860
UA48861 UA48913 UA49259 UA50289 UA50594 UA50926
UA51714 UA52056 UA52245 UA52560 UA52936 UA53173 UA53699
UA56084 UA56619 UA57433 UA57989
UA58666 UA60111 UA60304 UA59077 UA61120
UA62062 UA62569 UA62989 UA63995 UA64075 UA64398 UA64089
UA65776 UA66109 UA66188 UA66204 UA66301 UA66483 UA66748 UA66981
UA67027 UA67318 UA67803 UA68353 UA68354 UA70000 UA70528 UA70965
UA72179 UA72593

AF/Operator (AKAO340) Complete block for copy&paste (SUPs removed):

UA45361 UA45439 UA46471 UA49449 UA51609 UA52126
UA53232 UA53465 UA54018 UA56074 UA56887 UA56890 UA58928
UA59079 UA65595 UA66154

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Systems and Asset Management Tivoli AF/OPERATOR on z/OS z/OS 3.4

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