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IGZ0014W IGZEOPT or IGZETUN no longer supported in CICS TS

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You want to know what causes Language Environment (LE) runtime message IGZ0014W for IGZEOPT or IGZETUN in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS), and how to stop the message. The message is created by the LE runtime when a VS COBOL II module is running within CICS TS.


The message can be either:
IGZ0014W IGZEOPT is no longer supported. Its content was ignored.
IGZ0014W IGZETUN is no longer supported. Its content was ignored.


The named item, IGZEOPT or IGZETUN, is linked into a VS COBOL II application module running within CICS TS that has the LE runtime. IGZEOPT and IGZETUN contain settings for running the module that do not apply when CICS TS is running the module using the LE runtime. The message shows that these settings have been ignored.

VS COBOL II modules could run within releases of CICS TS prior to CICS TS V2.1 without using the facilities of the Language Environment runtime. In this case, settings for using VS COBOL II within CICS TS were contained in CSECTs linked into the application module. The IGZETUN and IGZEOPT CSECTs contained these runtime settings.

In CICS TS V2.1 (and subsequent versions) the Language Environment runtime was required. Consequently, VS COBOL II modules containing these runtime settings running within CICS TS actually run without the settings. You receive message IGZ0014W if the Language Environment runtime, now being used by CICS TS, detects these obsolete settings in a VS COBOL II application module.

This problem is discussed in section IGZETUN or IGZEOPT and MSGFILE of GC27-1409-03: Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V3R4 Migration Guide.

Resolving the problem

The easiest way to stop the message from appearing is to suppress it using Language Environment Runtime facilities. Compile a CEEWUCHA, define and install CEEWUCHA as a module in the CICS TS region and activate it by setting USRHDLR(CEEWUCHA) in the CEECOPT module that provides the Language Environment runtime settings for the CICS TS region.

This is described in section Using CEEWUCHA of the GC27-1409-03 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V3R4 Migration Guide.

The next easiest thing to do is to remove these CSECTs from the VS COBOL II application module using the Linkage Editor (Binder) REMOVE commands. These would simply be:
or remove the explicit INCLUDE of IGZEOPT or IGZETUN during the link-edit step.

This is discussed in section 7.10 IGZ0014W of the z/OS V1R13 Language Environment Run-Time Messages manual.

However, in both these above solutions, the message will be suppressed, but the VS COBOL II application module will still potentially run within CICS TS with incorrect runtime options. The runtime options being used will default to the CICS TS region-wide settings contained in the CEECOPT table that is being used by the CICS TS region. These options might not be suitable for the VS COBOL II application module. If this is the case, then create a new CEEUOPT table and use the Linkage Editor (Binder) to add it to the application module. Then, when the VS COBOL II module runs within the CICS TS environment, it will run within Language Environment with unique settings as required.

The Language Environment facilities for setting options for individual modules are discussed in section 2.1 Customizing Language Environment run-time options in the z/OS V1.13 Language Environment Customization Manual.

The most interesting option in IGZEOPT is DEBUG that controls the operation of the COBOL "WITH DEBUGGING MODE" clause. The options in IGZETUN relate more to runtime performance problems mainly concerned with the use of storage.

These settings are documented in section 4.4.3 Run-time Options and Their Defaults of the SC26-4048-05: VS COBOL II Installation and Customization for MVS.

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