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Internet Explorer configuration settings for Rational Performance Tester

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you are encountering problems recording an IBM® Rational® Performance Tester "Test", it might be due to incorrect configuration settings in Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Resolving the problem

In order to perform a successful HTTP recording, there are two ways that you can configure Internet Explorer (IE) to connect to the internet:

  1. Direct connection to the internet
  2. Connection to the internet through an HTTP Proxy

You should not modify the IE configuration settings during the recording. If the settings are modified during the recording, the recording will fail. All modifications must be performed before IE is loaded by the recorder.

When the recorder loads, it examines IE configuration settings and then tells IE to send the HTTP traffic via the port it is listening on
( localhost:1080 by default). If a problem occurs BEFORE THE RECORDING IS STARTED, it usually is a result of one of four things:
    1. The "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" box is checked (see below).
    2. The "Automatic configuration" is enabled (see below).
    3. The Proxy "Exceptions" list is non-blank (see far below).
    4. The user is changing any settings in these dialogs DURING the recording.

For a direct connection, this is how IE configuration settings should look BEFORE THE RECORDING IS STARTED:


Also, for a direct connection, this is what IE configuration settings should look like DURING THEIR RECORDING SESSION:


Rational Performance Tester also supports connection through a HTTP Proxy. Here is what IE configuration should look like BEFORE A RECORDING:

Proxy Settings should be set to point to your proxy server (instead of
above) and secure proxy server ( above). The HTTP proxy address/port
and Secure proxy address/port can be the same.

For a connection through a HTTP Proxy, here is what IE configuration settings should look like DURING A RECORDING SESSION:

Remember, all IE configuration settings must be performed before IE is loaded and brought up by the recorder. For the recording to be successful, your IE configuration information should look similar to what is shown above.

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