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What are considerations for running Lotus Workflow on a server cluster and multiple replicas?

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What are considerations for running IBM Lotus Workflow on a server cluster and multiple replicas?


When running Lotus Workflow in a replicated environment the most important consideration is that the Workflow agents like OS Administration agent or OS Workflow Background agent are running on only one of the machines of the cluster. These agents routinely touch large amounts of documents. Running them on more than one server of a cluster may result in replication and save conflict documents.

Also when running Workflow with more than one replica, you will find it difficult to totally avoid replication and save conflicts as sometimes users might claim and edit the same job on different replicas of the system.

In a replicated environment, you can have different application setup documents on each replica. The specifics of cluster replication do not allow such differentiation on a Domino server. The application setup document contains entries for the server for which the organization database and the process definition database is stored.

Tests in IBM Support showed that this does not matter as the ReplicaID of these databases is also stored in the application setup document and is used as a pointer to the databases on the own server by the Workflow agents.

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