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MustGather: IBM Host On-Demand Server Problems on AIX or Linux

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What information should you gather for IBM support to use in troubleshooting problems with the Redirector or server portion of IBM Rational Host On-Demand when the running on a AIX or Linux?


To help diagnose Host On-Demand service manager problems, turn on the server trace.

  1. Edit the appropriate shell script that starts the service manager found in /opt/IBM/HostOnDemand/lib/samples/NCServiceManager
    • AIX: NCServiceManager-AIX
    • LINUX: NCServiceManager-Linux

  2. Add /d3 to the Java command that starts the service manager (command is all on one line): $JAVA_ENGINE -DFIPS=on $MY_HOD_DIRECTORY /d3 1>trace.out 2>&1 &

  3. Stop the Host On-Demand service manager if running:
    1. Determine the PID with command ps -ef |grep eNetwork
    2. Enter command kill -KILL pid

  4. Start the Host On-Demand service manager again using the newly edited NCServiceManager script

  5. Recreate the problem.

  6. Collect the following files before restarting the Host On-Demand service manager if it has to be restarted after recreating the problem. The files will be overwritten after restarting the Service Manager.
    • /opt/IBM/HostOnDemand/private/NCoDServices.RAS.txt
    • /opt/IBM/HostOnDemand/lib/trace.out
    • netstat-an.out (use "netstat -an > netstat-an.out" to create this file).
    • If experiencing a problem with the redirector, gather this information:
      • Ethereal trace
      • Call stack (Call stack can be obtained by issuing the command: 
        kill -3 <redirector_javaprocess_pid> where redirector_javaprocess_pid can be found using the ps command.

Send the documentation to IBM with the PMR opened.

What to do Next?
Once you have collected the MustGather information, submit the diagnostic information to IBM support. See the Submitting Diagnostic Information to IBM Technical Support for Problem Determination document for specific information.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to Rational Host On-Demand, see the Host On-Demand support portal.

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